Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 6 Quick Summary

Episode 6 started with the flashback scenes of Ma Ru and Jae Hee. When Ma Ru first treated Jae Hee’s wound, till when they’re in university. The voice over of Ma Ru told how his feelings towards Jae Hee all this time.

“…you’re always be my-noona, Jae Hee. whatever happen, I will hold your hand. My beginning was you and my ending also you, I promise.” Ma Ru was kissing Eun Gi passionately,but his eyes told the other thing. Then he watched the festival with Eun Gi. He intentionally left her and just watched her looking for him here and there. When Eun Gi saw him, Ma Ru smiled. When Eun Gi hugged him, his smile was slowly gone.

Ma Ru had turned Eun Gi head over heels. She was very happy when she went back to Seoul.

But as soon as she got back home, she saw Attorney PArk with all her luggages ready at the living room. And when she asked for meal to the maid, her father showed up angrily.He’s kicking her out and taking all her advantages as Seo family. She left home without any luggage. “Be healthy, Mr.Chairman,” Eun Gi excused herself. Attorney Park gave her his credit card,but Eun Gi refused it because even though he said that money was what he gained ever since before he worked in Taesan, he’s now a Taesan employee.

Eun Gi arrived at Ma Ru’s house. But she hesitated to ring the bell. In the courtyard, Jae Gil and Choco was arguing. Jae Gil was excercising with LMFAO song, while Choco was washing something. Eun Gi finally rang the bell, Choco opened the door.

Ma Ru was in his workplace. Jae Hee came as his customer. She had reserved the whole pub for that moment. Jae Hee told him about Eun Gi and about her words of going back to him as sincere words. Then he got a text from Jae Gil saying that he’s bringing Seo Eun Gi to the pub. They’re already on the way. Ma Ru called Eun Gi in a romantic conversation and put his phonecall on speaker so Jae Hee could hear everything. Eun Gi told Ma Ru her condition. Ma Ru was taking Eun Gi to live with him. Then he asked if she wanted anything to eat. Eun Gi told him her dinner wish list. Eun Gi then loudly declared, “I love you. I LOVE YOU.” Ma Ru smirked towards Jae Hee. “Me too, Seo Eun Gi,” he said.

Then Ma Ru told Jae Hee to leave. Jae Hee kissed him and then said harsh thing to him. Ma Ru was upset,then he force kissed Jae Hee. But Ma Ru caught the moment as a picture in his mobile, to threatened her.

Eun Gi arrived in front of the pub,but she got a mms picture showing Jae Hee was kissing Secretary Ahn. It’s Attorney Park who sent it because Eun Gi immediately called him. Jae Hee was leaving with an unstable steps. Ma Ru looked worry…like sincerely worry,but he didn’t do anything. When she stepped outside, thankfully only Jae Gil was at the door without Eun Gi. Jae Hee was picked up by Secretary Ahn.

Jae Gil came in but Ma Ru was in his deep thought. Jae Gil asked if Ma Ru and Jae Hee was getting back together again. Ma Ru asked about Eun Gi. Jae Gil told him that something came up so she suddenly left.

Eun Gi met Attorney Park. He explained to her that he got the picture from her house cctv video. He’s actually helping Eun Gi to make a plan about what they should do with the picture,but carefully considering about Mr.Seo’s unstable health condition.

Ma Ru and Jae Gil ended up drinking together. Jae Gil with his broken heart condition, Ma Ru was in a deep thought worrying Jae Hee’s condition when she left the pub and remembered the moment when he witnessed JAe Hee was abused badly at home by her brother.

Seo Eun Gi was building supporter for her return plan to the company, soon, of course with the help of Attorney Park. Meanwhile in the pub, Jae Gil was badly drunk. Choco came to see both guys. Ma Ru was sleeping. Choco thought she heard Jae Gil asked for “Ma Ru’s watch”, so she took off her brother’s watch and put it on Jae Gil’s wrist. Then she dragged Jae Gil out of pub to home, leaving the sleeping Ma Ru. Meanwhile Eun Gi was drinking herself out, worse than the other men.

Ma Ru was on his way home when he got a phonecall from Eun Gi. She’s drunk. “Kang Ma Ru, what have you done? What actually have you done to me? Ahh, Kang Ma Ru, you’re driving me crazy.” Ma Ru found Eun Gi sitting in the nearby stairs. Eun Gi thought she’s seeing an illusion. Ma Ru talked to her.”You have stepped on a poo. Thought you have luck,but it’s wrong. I’m your night mare. Would you run away? the chance is only once.” Eun Gi kept thinking that what she saw was just an illusion.

Then Ma Ru brought her to his house and cleaned her while she’s sleeping. Ma Ru heard Eun Gi’s phone vibrating and saw the name on the screen, Attorney Park. Ma Ru explained what happened and introduced himself as KAng Ma Ru. “Oh, Eun Gi’s boy friend?” said Attorney Park  “Yes, I am,” said Ma Ru. “It’s good to know she’s okay,” Attorney Park hung up the phone.

Eun Gi woke up and looked happy seeing Ma Ru was in front of her.

Attorney Park rewatched the cctv video again. He saw the scene after the kissing scene of Jae Hee and Secretary Anh. He saw Eun Gi was coming with Ma Ru. Then he remembered the man in the picture he’s been investigating.

Eun Gi demanded Ma Ru to tell her again what he had told him last night because she didn’t remember anything. Ma Ru hesitated and his face looked stern. He said something like he’s giving Eun Gi time to flee from him while she’s still could. And Eun Gi gave him her answer: a kiss.

Jae Hee was fitting her wedding dress. Suddenly she got a phonecall from her scary big bro.

Ma Ru came back home from outside finding Jae Gil’s face got bruises and Choco was treating him. Choco told Ma Ru that Jae Hee’s brother came and looked for Ma Ru. It’s an alert for Ma Ru,but Jae Gil tried to calm him down saying that his relationship with Jae Hee had over. He should not get involved anymore in Jae Hee’s matter.

Meanwhile Eun Gi was following up her plan about work with the three men she met the night before. Attorney Park stayed beside her.After the meeting while Eun Gi was waiting for a bus, Attorney Park gave her a file that she could read when she had time. I think it’s about Ma Ru’s past and his relationship with Jae Hee. But she still had not taken a look at it until she arrived at Ma Ru’s house neighborhood. On her way to Ma Ru’s house, she met a woman who was a neighbor, asking her to give a frame of picture to Ma Ru. She said she found it somewhere on the way.At first Eun Gi didn’t really see the picture,but then she flipped it upward and saw the surprising familiar face: Han Jae Hee in her graduation day with Kang Ma Ru beside her. In the same time, Ma Ru went out of his home, welcoming Eun Gi with her charming smile.

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We’re finally reach this moment, when Eun Gi finally found a clue about Ma Ru and Jae Hee’s past relationship. The tension will be much higher. Eun Gi has not fallen too deep yet to Ma Ru’s trap, but it must hurt her badly. Ahh i don’t see any good faith for the leading characters…  ;(

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  1. thanks for your quick summary,,

  2. dont know why i am up for Ja hee & Maru.Ah my heart breaks that would never happen.There must be stronger reason fir what Ja hee is upto.Thannnksss a lot

    • whaaaat! I am rooting for Ma Ru and Eun Gi! The worst thing that could ever happen is Jae Hee and Ma Ru getting back together! Eun Gi would be emotionally devastated and Jae Hee will probably play with Ma Ru’s heart again. Let alone, the chairman Mr. Seo will get a heart attack and die. Then Jae Hee will get all the money! :(

  3. Thanks for the quick summary, I can’t wait for the subs. I can’t seem to get enough of this drama. Keep up the good work! ;)

  4. Thxs for the summary. Can’t wait for next week to watch what new surprises are in store for us!!!

  5. i agree what jimmy say, we want Ma Ru and Eun Gi! (>.<)

  6. The thing i hate from Ma Ru is never play with one’s heart. If you want to revenge, or bring back Jae Hee to the right path, do it without hurting someone with love.

  7. the best decision is to simply let this revenge go, get over it, and move on, start new life with Eun Gi :)

  8. thank you so much for the summary…
    i cant wait for the next episode
    i love kdramachoa ^_^

  9. i’m rooting for maru and eun gi.!!

  10. hurm… ma ru was so cute… dreaming i be eun gi and has someone like ma ru

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