“On The Pitch”, Soccer for South and North Korean Soldiers

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From the trailer, I think the movie was hilarious. The setting was during the 2002 FIFA World Cup when South Korea and Japan as the host countries.

The story is about South and North Korean squads stationed at both frontiers. They love football very much. One night, the team of North Korean frontier squad hunted a boar and ended meeting up the South Korean squad. Then the South Korean soldiers found out about how much the North Korean soldiers love this particular sport. The South Korean soldiers then send a secret note, inviting North Korean soldiers to watch a game together. This scene for me was unbelievably funny yet touching. Both countries’ soldiers, wearing different uniform with different flag emblem, yet blendingly sat together in front of a small TV screen in the woods, cheering up for the Korean team. Really, you guys need to see this! Especially when the South Korean soldiers cheered “Go South Korean! Go South Korean!” and the North Korean looked at them bluntly that it hushed the South Korean to silence. Then this North Korean commander suddenly started to clap his hand, cheered “Go Our People! Go Our People!” Both countries’ soldiers was taken aback at first but eventually cheering up together “Go Our People!”

The conflict began when the North Korean squad’s higher get suspicious about the squad’s secret activities. Silently they’ve been investigated by their higher.

The leading actor of this movie, played as the North Korean squad commander, Lee Seong Jae, did a very good job. His character is serious yet weirdly comical that will drive us to laughters.


Title: 꿈은 이루어진다 / On The Pitch/ Dreams Come True

Release date: May 27th 2010

Duration: 113 min

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