Park Eun Bin Will Team Up Again With Yoo Seung Ho on “Operation Proposal”

Yoo Seung Ho will meet again with his old friend, Park Eun Bin, on his cable tv drama, “Operation Proposal“. Park Eun Bin has been positive to be involved in this drama as Yoo Seung Ho’s first love. This project isn’t their first time as a pair. They’ve been  working together on many projects, first on 2007 drama “Legend” as a young couple, then on “The Great Queen Seon Deok” (2009), and latest on Like a Star’s MV (The One Feat. Taeyeon).

“Operation Proposal” is a remake from 2007 Japan drama “Proposal Daisakusen” about a guy who just realized that his childhood-best friend is his true love. This fantasy melodrama was really success on Japan.

They both, Yoo Seung Ho-Park Eun Bin’s character,  always together since elementary school till university. They are best friends and need each other. Actually the girl has already realized for a long time that she loves her best friend, Kang Baek Ho (Yoo Seung Ho), but she’s unable to confess her feeling, and maybe she didn’t want ruin their friendship. Then finally she choose another guy to be married, and on her wedding day, Kang Baek Ho just realized that he  also loves his bestfriend. He’s given a change to turn back the time to redress his mistake and save his true love.

This time-travel-boyfriend-story planned to be airing the first episode on February on Chosun TV.

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