Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin at “The Proposal” Press Conference

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin attended the press conference for their new drama “The Proposal” (프로포즈 대작전), today, January 31 at Samsung Ramada Seoul Hotel. Yoo Seung Ho looked cool in his casual suit and brown shirt and cool boots, while Park Eun Bin looked so cute in her peach mini dress and nice shoes.

At the press conference the two, who have been working together for several projects before, looked very comfortable with each other. They were praising each other, too. Yoo Seung Ho said that by the time he heard his co-worker would be Eun Bin noona (yeah, Park Eun Bin is older than him), he was happy. They worked together before, so there’s no more awkwardness, instead they’ve created friendly atmosphere towards each other and it was good for their work. Park Eun Bin also didn’t hesitate to say good things about Yoo Seung Ho.

Can you see where’s Yoo Seung Ho’s right hand exactly at? Hoho  :D

And Yoo Seung Ho has totally turned into a young man…

The Proposal tells about a professional baseball player, Kang Baek Ho, who realized that he loved his childhood friend Ham Yi Seul, but it was already too late. Ham Yi Seul, who’s been loving Baek Ho for all this times together, from elementary to university they always go to the same school, ended up marrying someone else. Kang Baek Ho regretted the fact that they weren’t honest to each other from the very beginning. So he decided to change everything by going back to the past. This drama will start airing on TV Chosun on February 8.

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