Park Shi Hoo Becomes The Daywalker for W Korea

Once again, Park Shi Hoo doing the photo shoot, this time for W Magazine. With “Dark Knight” concept Park Shi Hoo transformed into a vampire. The smokey eyes, cold expressions and black coat make him managed to change his usual characters, sweet and charming. In these photos he looks  gloomy and dark.

Actually, i prefer the pictorial before, because in there he looks more skinny, lonely and unhappy as a day walker vampire, but i think it’s a proof of his success in showing his dark side.

On the interview for that magazine, Park Shi Hoo talks about the faith he had for himself. Since his debut he believed that one day he’s gonna be success. So because of that faith he never gave up throughout his career as an actor. As a hard worker i think he must be happy and little bit relaxed,  because he’s really successful actor now.

The dark side of Park Shi Hoo can be seen on W magazine for January issue. Maybe this pictorial is also for anticipating his new movie that will be released on early 2012, “I Am Killer” or “I Am Murderer”. In that movie he will act as a killer.

So, Keep on your faith ajoessi! ;)


[by Blossom]

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