Park Shi Hoo’s Bali Photoshoot for Marie Claire

Our man, Park Shi Hoo, absolutely needs some vacation. I think this guy is the busiest actor this years, he plays on  a bunch dramas like “Prosecutor Princess”, “Queen Of Reversals”, and latest one was the tragic drama “Princess’s Man” without time to rest.

And thankfully, recently he was seen in Bali. Not actually a pure for holiday, though. It’s also for job. It was for Marie Claire Magazine photo shooting, but at least he enjoyed the beauty scenary from Bali island and looked relax. I love the photos, so simple but great, the photographer managed to catch the great moment of Bali’s skies and beach but at the same time can show the Park Shi Hoo’s charm, a genius photographer.

Park Shi Hoo is one of my favorite actors. I think he’s so cute with his one eyelid. And of course I also like his consistent acting. On Marie Claire Magazine for December issue, besides doing the photoshoot he also talked about his career. He said that as an actor sometimes things run so fast but sometime so slow but if you can enjoy the whole thing it would be fine.


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