Park Shin Hye, Kim Jung Hwa and Park Se Yeong Become Cherry Blossom Girls for CeCi

The spring has come, then CeCi presents three pretty young actresses from 4HIM entertainment to welcoming the spring time for May issue, they are Park Shin Hye, Kim Jung Hwa, and Park Se Yeong. These girls being together for commemorate first anniversary of their agency.

With the fresh make up and the cute colorful outfits they look like the fairies. Although they have crazy tight schedule, as agency-mates these young actresses looked so happy and friendly during the photoshoot, and through these photos they are showing their sisterhood. Furthermore with their bright personalities and young spirit they are successfully representing the spring time.

Recently Kim Jung Hwa involved on historical drama “King Gwanggaeto”, while Park Shin Hye enjoying her popularity on overseas, she’s too busy on China and Japan’s projects. then, Park Se Yeong after finished her role on “Equator Man” as young Choi Soo Mi, she continued acting on “Love Rain”.



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