Park Shin Hye, Survived from Car Accident

On July 19th, Park Shin Hye’s official agency announced that last night (At July 18, on 11.30 pm), Park Shin Hye involved in a car accident. There’re five people on that van, including Park Shin Hye and her staffs.

From the police statement, the negligence came from Park’s manager, who was driving the van. Her manager didn’t notice the border to separate the highway until ended crashed that guardrail. the front of van destroyed so badly, but thank goodness, the five people didn’t have bad injuries. After the accident happened soon they’re taken to nearby hospital.

Park Shin Hye did’t get serious injury, but she must stay at the hospital for a day to take a rest. From her agency informed that after that accident, immediately Park Shin Hye will return to her activities on Heartstrings’s location.

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  1. hello i hope that the heartstrings part 2

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