Park Shin Hye Was Wearing Hanbok in Taiwan

Park Shin Hye becomes a  “princess” for her new drama, but this is not Korean drama. Since she’s already become a hallyu star due to her role in “You Are Beautiful”, Park Shin Hye is trusted to play on a Taiwan drama, titled “Oh My Princess”. As well as in Taiwan, this drama will also be airing in Korea through Dramacube channel  starts on December 2nd.

Filming has begun, and this stills were from the set. She’s wearing Hanbok, which was actually a rare view. But I think she’s prettier with that traditional dress. She looks cute and innocent.

At first, she found it difficult with the new atmosphere while filming in Taiwan, especially about the  language. But every problem has a solution and one of them is good communication. With her warm personality, the crew and her co-stars willingly helped her to get through that, so she could enjoy the filming process.

“Oh My Princess” is q romance drama based on manga title “Hayate Nogotuku” or also known as “Hayate the Combat Butler”. Park Shin Hye will play as Xiao Zhi a daughter from wealthy family, alongside with Taiwanese-American actor George Hu who will play as Ling Qi Sa, the butler.

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