Park Yoochun Was Back to Filming Set Despite His Mourning Days

Roofto Prince’s official announced that he will comeback to the set on March 19, after his father past away on March 14th. But on March 17, Park Yooochun was seen on “Rooftop Prince” set and ready to start filming since this drama has tight schedule for start running on March 21.

I know, Yoochun decided to comeback to set earlier not because he’s already okay after losing his beloved father, he’s still mourning, but it’s because he is a professional actor, and maybe to reduce his sadness, he makes himself keep busy and switch his mind to job.

On the set, even though he looked tired he greeted everyone and worked seriously for every scenes. His co-workers, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, and Jung Yoo Mi,  also showed their deep sympathy by holding his hand. The director, Shin Yoon Sub, not forced Yoochun to comeback soon, but he appreciated his comeback. He’s really thank for Yoochun to keep all running smoothly even on his toughest days.

And we can only say (sorry if it’s too late) deep condolence for Yoochun and family…

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