Poster for “Looking For Kim Jong Wook”

Actually I hate seeing this poster X|. It’s not because the poster is bad or something, but because Im So Jung who was there X| instead of me :left: . But they seemed to be a nice couple (although I’m not willing to say it).
I’ve been falling in love with Gong Yoo since “Coffee Prince”(2007) and the feeling never stop. And after seeing him in this poster and at the press conference, I think I will fall in love with him forever ;) .
“Looking For Kim Jong Wook” tells about a woman (played by Im So Jung) who asked for help from a special-agent-finding-first-love (played by Gong Yoo) to find her first love, Kim Jong Wook. But during that journey they eventually fall in love … .. this is actually so cliché , but it’s Gong Yoo, so I can’t miss this movie.
This romantic comedy movie will be released on December 9th, and must compete with the “Petty Romance” which is also going to be released on the same day. As an admirer of Gong Yoo and a fan of Choi Kang Hee, I shall watch both of  these movies.

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