“Princess’ Man” after “Romance Town”

“Romance Town” had finished airing last week and now we’re anticipating a new KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama titled “Princess’ Man” (“공주의 남자”). It’s a so called the Korean Romeo and Juliete, starring Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won as the tragic couple.

Korean history tells that the Great King Sejong’s second son, Prince Suyang (who later became King Sejo) had to kill the  general who was trusted to protect the ruled young king (his own nephew named Danjong), Kim Jeong Seo, in order to become a king. But this drama tells us a different point of view about how King Sejo’s daughter, Princess Se Ryung (played by Moon Chae Won), ended up falling for Kim Jeong Seo’s son, Kim Seung Yoo (Park Si Hoo).

Well, just like Romeo and Juliet, Se Ryung and Seung Yoo will also have a tragic story. Ohh, I can imagine lots of tears in this drama already. But with a Jeoseon Dynasty era setting I’m quite interested in this drama. I love watching beautiful han boks. And hopefully the story line will be interesting too. Besides having Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won, this drama is also starred by Song Jong Ho, Hong Soo Hyeon, Lee Min Woo, and others

This drama will start airing next Wednesday, July 2th, on KBS, scheduled to run in 24 episodes.

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