The Come Back of Lee Jin Wook & Eric Moon on “Spy Myeong Wol”

The last time we saw the acting of these two actors were on 2008. Eric Moon (Moon Jeong Hyeok) and Lee Jin Wook make their come back after finishing their two years military service. Just around last April, Lee Jin Wook was on the news about his break up with Hallyu Star Choi Ji Woo after their 3 years relationship.

Eric Moon, was the leader of KPop band Shinhwa, plays as Kang Woo, a top Korean Hallyu Star whose life can be described in one single word: PERFECT. He has the fame, the wealth, the looks, the body, the style…everything. His minus point was only his cold heart when it comes to women. He plays with them easily, breaking up with no hesitation at all.

However, behind his perfect life, he has a very tough history. Growing up as an orphan, he is self stricted and a very hard worker. What he has now is actually the fruit of his big effort.

His life then change when he becomes the target of North Korean spies’ action, Han Myeong Wol and Choi Ryu. He is set to fall in love with Myeol Wol in order to make these two spies’ plan to disrupt Korean Wave succeed. Kang Woo becomes a different man with Myeong Wol.

On the other hand, Lee Jin Wook, plays as Choi Ryu. He is a North Korean top agent, a special force, who gains respect from his men because of his compassion and loyalty. He probably has deep stern eyes, but his heart is soft. His characteristic when it comes to love is the exact opposit from Kang Woo. His main order is to help Han Myeol Wol to gain Kang Woo’s heart so they can marry. But as you may  have guessed, Choi Ryu turns out to fall for his partner.

Playing as Han Myeol Wol is actress Han Ye Sul. It’s also a come back for this actress in the small screen. Her last drama was SBS 2009’s “Will it Snow on Christmas?”

“Spy Myeong Wol” will replace “Baby-faced Beauty” slot in KBS monday-tuesday drama, starts on July 11th 2011.

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