Rain From “Soar: Close to The Sun” Jet

Besides for study, maybe another reasons why Rain postponed his military service until next year is because he wants to show us that he’s playing on a Jet plane and enjoying the air force as pleasure before as his duties for real (if he choose air force for his duty).

He’s so excited about this movie, he’s like a kid who finds a new game. On August 4th, he uploaded his photo while he sat on a jet plane. His face covered by oxygen masker. Beside that photo he also wrote “the whole team has been filming for 24 hours, and i rested a bit more two hours”…Oh he must be so tired. I think even though he only sat on that Jet plane, it was so hard. It took hours in this hot weather and the oxygen masker was a fake, so there’s no oxygen out from that masker…keep breathing and fighting, Bi-oppa! :D

“Soar: Close to The Sun” (the old title “Red Scarf”) is a remake movie that tells about Jung Tae Hun’s life (played by Rain) as an Air Force Pilot, his fight, dream, passion and destiny. Not much different with “Top Gun”. And it seems this movie will be the last project for Rain before he enlisted on military next year.

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