“Red Scarf” Become “Soar: Close To The Sun”

Rain new (remake) movie, “Red Scarf” changes title to “Soar: Close To The Sun”(비상(飛上): 태양가까이),and for me the new title sounds cooler than before, suited the  movie theme which is about life, passion, and dreams a fighter pilot.

This movie tells about Jung Tae Hun’s life (played by Rain) as an Air Force Pilot. In this movie will be created a lot of sky-high-battle-scenes which supported by aerospace high technology, and the result will pretty much look like “Stealth”…woohoo…really cool! I think, it would be like watching Hollywood movie, I hope the success of this movie will be like the “Top Gun” of the new generation (please look the picture above).

Maybe because this movie Rain postponed his military service until next year. He wants to feel the sensation as an airforce pilot in the movie first before he does it for real.

[info and image source]

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