Jang Dong Gun: Talk about “My Way” and “Taegukgi” on BIFF

Actually i post this article just because I couldn’t resist his charm, so I wanted to share it with you all…oh  his smile was melting :mrgreen:

On October 9th, Jang Dong Gun with his co-star on “My Way” , Jo Odagiri, attended the open talk event, theme “Between Taegukgi and My Way”. Jang Dong Gun said that between Taegukgi and My Way can not be compared, although both tells about the war and brotherhood (friendship) but each of them have different values and different base story.

In Japanese colonial setting, Jang plays as Kim Jun Shik, he has a dream of becoming a marathon runner and get Olympic gold medal. but due to war, together with his rival, Hagesa Tatsuo (Jo Odagiri),  he forced to be soldier not only for Japan, but also for Soviet and Germany. Finally they both help each other to survive, and become close, as only they are two soldiers coming from Asia.

“My Way” is a trans boundary movie, because beside played by Jang Dang Gun from Korea, this movie also has Japanese actor as the second lead male, Jo Odagiri, and a Chinese actress as the lead female, Fang Bing Bing.

As it’s planned, My Way, will be released for Korea on December, January 14th for Japan, and end of January for China and US.

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