Scarecrow: Jung Il Woo’s Sexy Voice for “49 Days” soundtrack part.4

Okay I admit it, I’m officially fascinated by Jung Il Woo after hearing his voice in “Scarecrow” (허수아비). He sings for “49 Days” soundtrack part.4. His voice is little bit heavy and husky, and I love it, sounds sexy. I know he’s not a singer and has quite a limitation, but that’s actually what I think have made “Scarecrow” become a very touching song when I heard.

Beside Jung il Woo, previously Jeong Yeop also sings the soundtrack part.3 for this fantasy melodrama. He sings “There Was Nothing” (아무일 도 없었다). Jeong Yeop is a singer (Brown Eyes Soul’s personnel)  so I don’t doubt his voice. This song sounds so sad especially with his mellow voice…ouch .. I hope this drama doesn’t end up tragic.

Jung Il Woo-Scarecrow

Jeong Yeop-There Was Nothing

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