Screening for “Invincible”

First time I saw this photo (above), I was not really concern about their movie. Instead, I was imagining what would’ve it felt if I had been there standing between Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Heon :D Because there was a little space between them in that picture, so I guess it would’ve felt like heaven surely if I had been there, but maybe I would go fainted from hysteria :mrgreen:
Wednesday, September 8th, the screening of “Invincible” was held. This movie is played by Joo Jin Mo, Song Seung Heon, Kim Kang Woo, and Jo Han Seon. The “Invincible” is a remake of the Hong Kong movie “A Better Tomorrow”. Although it’s a remake movie, there’ll be many differences between the “Invincible” and “A Better Tomorrow”. These Korean version movie is more focus on brotherhood issue.
Joo and Song play characters as a Northern Korean people who crossed the border to runaway to South Korea. Song Seung Heon had to work hard to learn North Korean dialect. Uniquely in this movie there is no female role, so we’re pleased to see these handsome men without being distracted by another woman .. :o
Oh yeah .. good luck for Jo Han Seon, who on September 9th officialy following the military service … ;)

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