Secret Garden: Cappuccino Foam Kissing

After Episode 10 aired on December 13, according to AGB Nielsen “Secret Garden” rating reached 25.1%. Wow!
And I think if the leads keep playing as good as they’re now and Ms. Writer always gives us surprises that make an interesting story, the drama will possibly get more successful. I love the story in “Secret Garden”, as well as the actors, too. The story and cinematography are interesting. The writer and director are able to give the bittersweet feeling at each episode, even little things can be something romantic in this drama.

After the sexy- sit ups and little mermaid-hugging scene . This time it’s the romantic scene with cappuccino foam. Ra Im and Joo Won met at the coffee shop. Ra Im drank a cup of cappuccino, but the foam left on her upper lip. Joo Won felt uncomfortable seeing that. But, instead of giving her tissue, he approached her and kissed her.

After watching “Secret Garden”, I have become a fan of doing sit ups and drinking cappuccino….hope a prince charming will approach me and leave a sweet kiss. :mrgreen:

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  1. i think that time was a bestest moment in secret garden. thanks for the pictures.^^

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