Secret Garden Episode 2 Summary

In this episode Kim Joo Won is very annoying and adorable at the same time. This episode is more interesting and funny than the previous one, and i’m getting more enjoy watching it.

Ra Im was still in shock getting  praised by his idol and she laughed when Osca said he would blow the wound in her hand for a get-well soon.

Joo Won didn’t like it  because Osca managed to make Ra Im laugh. And on top of all, Joo Won failed to drove her back thanks to Osca.

Ra Im was very happy for meeting her idol, Osca. And then she just realized that her socks had all gone. However, she just shrugged it off and flew back her mind to Osca with his charm.

According to his promise, Osca was still the LEOL brand ambassador . Due to Chae Rin’s problems, Osca was more easily managed by Joo Won. Then his madness started. In addition to the increasing dislikes from his employees, he began to imagine Ra Im standing beside him. But the Ra Im’s reflection was missing when he started thinking about the other thing.

In order to clear her way of becoming Joo Won’s wife, Yoon Seul made a truce with Osca. Seul Yoon met Osca’s managers to discuss the video clip for him. Seul Yoon was willing to be a music video director for Osca because this was the way for Osca to get over her as his first love since soon they’d become a family (she’s so optimistic to marry Joo Won soon).

Joo Won’s imagination of Ra Im still continued, even during a walk around the house. He also wondered why he thought of her. To eliminate Ra Im out of his mind, he started chanting something, but Ra Im’s reflection wasn’t going anywhere.

At night, Ra Im’s reflection  still bothered him, and he foolishly talked to the reflection: “At least, you should change your clothes, you have a blood on your clothes”

His imagination then got diverse when he told that she is not his type. The scene was really ridiculous, Joo Won was very creative in fantasy … he started imagining sexy Ra Im, brainy Ra Im, cutie Ra Im, and also classy Ra Im. “I must be crazy” he repeatedly said it and started chanting silly again.

Because he suffered from his own imagination, Joo Won decided to ask for Ra Im’s contact at Osca, but his cousin didn’t know anything, then he asked Chae Rin (Joo Won was such a good negotiator), and finally got what he wanted. He contacted Ra Im.

Ouch .. he’s still wearing the pimp jacket.
He called Ra Im without introducing his name, he just said he was the man who brought her to the hotel and hospital. Joo Won wants to meet  Ra Im, but Ra Im refused and turn off  the cell phone.
Joo Won who never gave up coming to school action where Ra Im working. Joo Won convinced himself that the woman he saw today was different from the woman who had plagued his mind during the past few days. This woman was cooler.

Joo Won really proud of himself as an moneymaker, he even said that his hobby was spending money. And he said those things smugly, but without any arrogance…it’s more like bragging and joking.

He said his presence there was because Ra Im that he was just curious about her and her wound.

Ra Im gave Jong Soo an explanation, if he was just a weirdo who always bothered her. Then Jong Soo said one important fact: “He is not a weirdo. He is a man and you are a pretty girl”

Ra Im asked Joo Won why he came to the Action School. Joo Won was so infuriating in here. Ra Im didn’t believe everything he said. For Ra Im,  Joo Won was an unemployment who’s interfering her life. Once again, Joo Won said the reason was HER. Then when Ra Im continued asking why it’s her, he simply replied “That’s the part that I got confuse”.

Joo Won said that starting today he would join the school training as a payment of hospital fees which he had paid for Ra Im. And that of course, brought Ra Im into a frustration. Then surprisingly Joo Won said, “That’s why I keep thinking of you. Why do you look prettier when you are angry?”

Joo Won forced Ra Im to show him her wound. He watched carefully, for me this scene was quite romantic until Joo Won said, “It left a scar, I guess you can’t run for Miss Korea “.

Sometimes this guy thought as if he’s brainless and spontaneous, but sometimes his mind went far to the future…

Joo Won treated Ra Im quite warmly. He said he would bring Ra Im to doctor to cure her scar and Ra Im was still speechless. She had to be confused with all that happened, but also flattered and annoyed in the same time.

After Leaving the confused Ra Im, Joo Won ran for another blind date. Unfortunately this was the same girl as the previous one. Yups .. Yoon Seul with different appearance. but, Joo Won once again left her.

Before leaving the meeting point Yoon Seul met Osca. From their body language and the way they speak with each other I was so sure that there was an unfinished business between them.

Joo Won had a conversation with his mother on the phone,talking about the his future wife. Joo Won said he hadn’t found the right woman for him. Then his mother asked what kind of woman he wanted.

“She should be pretty, with a chic short haircut, dark skinned, and doesn’t smile too much” When he looked at his side Ra Im figure was there (of course its only his imagination). Then he went on: “Someone who gets angry  easily, with eyes that are a bit sad, and someone who can’t run for Miss Korea because she has scar”.

His mother said he was crazy and hung up. He began to speak (again) to his  imagination, and oddly this time she replied. Joo Won’s really crazy.

Actually not only Joo Won who was sinking in crazy minds . Ra Im started to think about Joo Won that it made her lousy during practice and got scolded by Jong Soo.

On of Sunbae teased her by asking about “The guy who said he’s good at making money”. He said Joo Won was interested in Ra Im. To prove his words, he asked for Ra Im’s phone and started looking for names in the phonebook (but no one was interesting, because Ra Im’s life was really not interesting). Until the “6159” or “I-earn-a lot of-money’s phone number”. He then called that number.

Joo Won who was in a meeting was struck by the ID caller which appears on his cell phone “Gil Ra Im”. He was not sure whether it’s reality or a mere imagination that Gil Ra Im called him! He then picked the phone  up (after his assistent assured him that phone was really rang).

Ra Im forced to talk to Joo Won. She told him to come to the school for training as soon as possible or she would make his fifth vertebrae becomes sixth. And she immediately hung up.
Meetings were still on going, but Joo Won’s attention was only on his phone, hoping Ra Im was going to call him again.

Amazingly he’s got a better idea. He let manager Choi to let LOEL became a sponsor for dramas or action movies, especially a genre that often used a stuntman.
Joo Won was very smart! He didn’t only want to visit Ra Im but also vice versa.

When Ra Im and her protégés  was playing foot volleyball, Joo Won came to disturb them. He even kicked (accidentally) the ball to the Ra Im’s head. Finally Joo Won challenged a match. But he was really annoying that abashed his team. He always blamed others for mistakes he made.

When Ra Im made a service pointing towards him, lucky Joo Won was rescued by his ringing cell phone and made the ball hit  one of the juniors. Joo Won got angry and persuaded the junior to sue Ra Im. Joo Won was such a funny childish rich guy.

As a nobleman, Joo Won paid other students to get away from the gym so he could practice alone with Ra Im.

Joo Won started out. He was babbling about his imagination (which Ra Im had no idea at all about) and asked a lot of strange things to her. He was saying about diagnosing the “illness”.

Ra Im managed to pushed Joo Won down to the floor twice, but when she was about to try for the third time, Joo Won successfully blew it and put her down. Nice movement Joo Won!

As they were still in that position, come Ah Yeong.

Ah Yeong was fired from his job at the VVIP Lounge was a result of Yoon Seul’s complaint. After  satisfied insulting Yoon Seul and LOEL CEO (Kim Joo Won, who is actually there in front of her now), she determined to avenge her humilitaion. She would be spreading rumors that the LEOL CEO was a gay and women hater.Joo Won was anxious to hear it.

When Ra Im left the locker room, Joo Won introduced himself to Ah Yeong. The girl was surprised knowing that he was actually the LOEL CEO, Kim Joo Won. It was a very hilarious scene when Ah Yeong was still giving comment on her boss’s training suit though she’s in a surprise from the news.

Joo Won promised to take care of  Ah Yeong’s job. Then  Ah Yeong canceled her idea to spread the gossip and always said good things about the LOEL owner to Ra Im. And as a bonus, Ah Yeong had to invite Ra Im to go out eating with them.

With notes, Yeong Ah can’t tell to Ra Im if Joo Won was the LOEL owner, “like in movie” said Joo Won.

Joo Won finally managed to take Ra Im home. He was surprised to see the house rented by Ra Im-Ah Yeong. The house reminded him of those he’d seen in National Geographic (Slum area in third world countries), though  Ra Im’s house actually was not that bad.

Ra Im (based on Chae Rin’s will) agreed to be a stunt girl again. This time the filming took place at  LOEL. Ra Im required to jump, but she always failed (probably because her arm was still in pain).

PD continued on scolding and yelling at Ra Im. Then came the LOEL CEO….tarara! It’s of course Kim Joo Won. Everyone there was surprised, especially Ra Im, because finally they found out that the man who then wore a neat sui was the same person as the obnoxious weirdo who always bothered her.

This time, Joo Won appeared as a prince charming with a white horse to save the princess (Ra Im) from the warlock and the (b)witch (PD and Chae Rin). Apparently he had been wacthing this filming from a distance. He just decided to come down because  he couldn’t stand seeing Ra Im over-scolded by the PD. He grabbed Ra Im’s hand and told to PD “Stop yelling at Gil Ra Im. For me this person is like Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Do Yeon. I’m a fan of Gil Ra Im ”

Kim Joo Won was definitely crazy!

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