Secret Garden Episode 17 Summary

Actually I’d rather ride a roller coaster than watching this episode for the first time. Too many tears here, and make my emotions drained. Ms. Writer were you sure this was a romantic comedy drama, not a tragic romantic drama? And for Ha Ji Won .. wow! You’re the queen of tears. (And actually I do not like it, she looks so weak)

Madam Moon knelt in front of Ra Im, Madam Moon said she would give anything to Ra Im as long as she left Joo Won. Ra Im was still unable to answer, she was shock. Madam Moon forced her to respond immediately and started to threaten her. Even though she knelt she never subdue her pride. She stood up and urged Ra Im to accept her offer, then she left.

Joo Won went back to action school looking for Ra Im. But sunbaenims said to Joo Won that there was no shooting tonight. Joo Won immediately realized that Ra Im lied.

At home, Ra Im was still sobbing. Joo Won ca me but before he entered the house, Ra Im told  Ah Yeong not to say anything to Joo Won about the arrival of Madam Moon. Ra Im washed her sobby face when Joo Won finally stepped inside.  Joo Won asked Ra Im about the filming. Ra Im still lied about it, not knowing that Joo Won had known the truth.

Joo Won ordered Ra Im out to buy some fruit because he wanted to talk to Ah Yeong about secretary Kim. Actually Joo Won wanted ask Ah Yeong about what actually had happened. Ah Yeong said that she didn’t know exactly what Ra Im happened, because Ra Im had already been home when she was back from work. Ah Yeong continued,  maybe Ra Im being weird because today was the anniversary of her father death, she felt sad and unpleasant.

Joo Won catched up Ra Im to fruit market. From a distance he saw Ra Im was crying while selecting fruit. He approached her and asked why she was crying, after leaving a date and lied to him. Ra Im then even cried at the curb.

Joo Won asked what really happened. He guessed if his mother had come to see her. Ra Im ignored the last question, but with teary eyes she said she cried because the price of fruit was very expensive and she could not buy it.

Joo Won told her to stop crying, he didn’t like Ra Im cried. Joo Won took off his gloves then wiped her tears. While holding Ra Im’s face, he felt she’s nearly frozen. So he took off his shawl and gloves and put them on to Ra Im. He’s sending her home and was going to see someone who’d tell him what happened: his mom. Ra Im insisted it had nothing to do with Madame Moon, but Joo Won still went to see the mother.

At Mom’s home, Secretary Kang said that Madam Moon was in Hong Kong. Joo Won knew Secretary Kang lied. So he talked to the secretary by rising his voice, “Tell her that from now on I’m going to do whatever I want to do. Make sure you convey this message, and will be even better if she can hear it now ”

After Joo Won left,  Madam Moon appeared and talked to secretary Kang that she was proud of Joo Won. She said that Joo Won was as clever as her, and because Joo Won had already said that he would do what he wanted, so Madam Moon would also do whatever she wanted.

Seul said to Oska that that day Tae Sun would leave Korea. Seul told him that because she knew how important Tae Sun was for Oska. But I think Seul wanted to create a healthy competition with Tae Sun. Oska took Tae Sun matter to make Seul jealous, and apparently successful, Seul glared at him when he said, “Tae Sun is greaaaat!”
Next,  Oska asked Seul to forgive him and give him a chance. He promised to fix all things.

Oska succeeded blocking Tae Sun fly off, he even carried Tae Sun on his shoulders.

Ra Im getting roles in “Dark Blood”, Ra Im confused how she could pass an audition when she failed the audition. Jong Soo told her about Joo Won’s crazy action bringing the “Dark Blood” audition team from Japan with a private plane just for her.

Then Ra Im went to LOEL to meet Joo Won, but she didn’t dare to meet him face to face.  She looked at him from a distance, and just called him. She lied to him saying that she was gonna be busy filming out of town so it would be difficult to contact her. She called just to tell him if the miracle had happened, she got a role in “Dark Blood”. Joo Won was very glad to hear that. Ra Im said it’s all thanks to him, but Joo Won said it was all thanks to her hard work for 5 minutes at the audition.

As the conversation finished, Ra Im still didn’t dare to meet Joo Won. She left LOEL with messy face, but she met Seul on the way out. Seul felt something was wrong with Ra Im,  then both of them went to museum. Ra Im let out her burdens to Seul. And I like when Seul said “If the distance between you seem far then ran after him, and if you do not feel him feel at your side then hold him tightly, in this world there is no easy love” whoaaaa …. Yoon Seul -ssi, I admit you’re cool!

Madam Moon finally knew if Joo Won sent a private plane for the sake of Ra Im. She was very angry and started acting sly, she immediately contacted the LOEL shareholders and arranged for a meeting. The next morning, Joo Won was shock that the shareholders’ board decided to fire Joo Won as the CEO LOEL. Joo Won didn’t need much time to think, he knew this was his mother.

Joo Won immediately called his mother, Madam Moon didn’t answer it because she was talking with Ra Im. Ra Im met Madam Moon, not to give up and asked for money but to said that she wouldn’t give up. Her father has sacrificed lives for Joo Won, so now Joo Won’s life as valuable as her father’s life. Madam Moon blamed Ra Im, because of her Joo Won has made a lot criticized. Ra Im promised to be careful and not be a burden for Joo Won. But for Madam Moon the best way is Ra Im has to disappear from Joo Won.
Ra Im asked permission that she be allowed along Joo Won because he loved Joo Won, and they loved each other.
Madam Moon did not think that Ra Im  still stubborn,

Finally she pick up Joo Won’s call, she enable the loudspeaker means for Ra Im to know what happened with Joo Won.

Joo Won immediately asked his mother why she made plans to fire him. Ra Im surprised to hear that. Joo Won said  he does not care what his mother made, he was willing to give up everything in order to keep Ra Im beside him. Ra Im clearly hear that Joo Won’s words, but strangely …

Madam Moon told Ra Im  that  she meant it, she will destroy  Joo Won’s life. Within an hour her mother must decide whether to stay or not to fire Joo Won.
This is what I call was strange, Ra Im finally gave up. How Could? Though she had heard himself if Joo Won didn’t give up but then why she surrender? I started to not likeRa Im-ssi, it turns out you’re so weak.
As she knelt down and cried, she begged Madam Moon not to ruin Joo Won valuable life, she promised to break up and leave him. She will disappear like seafoam. Hey, Ra Im-ssi, What are you doing? .. aaarggh ..

At the office, Joo Won was enjoying the last minute as CEO LOEL. Secretary Kim wondered why Joo Won not to do anything instead will receive that dismissal. Joo Won said he couldn’t bear if not met Ra Im, so he chose to be fired. Moreover,  if he do something, his mother will be more ruthless on Ra Im.
Joo Won told Secretary Kim not to call him ‘President’ because soon he would be fired, and innocently secretary Kim said “Joo Won-ie hyung!” What? :lol:

Ra Im coming to Joo Won’s reading room, she put in a paper in Alice in Wonderland book belongs Joo Won, but when she will go Oska come, Oska greeted her. Ra Im told there would be no fan meeting between them, Oska thought it was because she would be busy filming “Dark Blood”.

Joo Won came to Ra Im’s home, her face was so miserable. Joo Won brought  accessories which he had ordered several days ago. Apparently it’s a cat-head brooch, Joo Won put it on Ra Im’s crappy bag. Joo Won said to Ra Im not to use handkerchief anymore to cover the pin. Handkerchief? Ra Im just realized that night when they felt insulted each other due to the crappy bag. Joo Won followed her and saw when Ra Im covered the pin with her handkerchief. Knowing that how much Joo Won loved her,  Ra Im’s face increasingly miserable since she had to keep her promise to Madam Moon.

Ra Im refused that Brooch, even get rid of her. She said she used to wear a crappy bag , and asked Joo Won whether he intentionally did it to embarrass her.
Joo Won confused with Ra Im attitude. He asked if he did something wrong. Ra Im said she tired of doing  useless things, so it’s better they stop meeting. huh? You use crappy-bag-matter for breaking up Ra Im-ssi? Ough .. i really hate you.
Ra Im said she will be busy filming and is very important to her so she would focus on shooting and don’t want to wasting energy for emotion. She asked Joo Won to stop to contact her because it interferes and makes her difficult.
Joo Won is still confused, he knew all of this is hard for Ra Im but he also did not plan any of it. He said to Ra Im that he had let everything for her. But with a cold voice Ra Im saying “If you were going to give it up anyway then you should have done it sooner, before I get sick of it”

Ouch .. I hate Ra Im but I hated Joo Won more. He went without resistance when Ra Im told him to go because she did not want to see his face again. After Joo Won left, Ra Im went to cry while holding the brooch Joo Won gave.

Over the past few days Joo Won was still suffering. He still could not understand why Ra Im was acting like that. He had to take the medicine again. Eventually he came to see Ra Im again.

Joo Won said that if Ra Im  came late or cheating he still could understand, but for this problem he couldn’t.
Finally Ra Im  told him about the accident happened to Joo Won 13 years ago. Firefighter who saved his life is her father. Joo Won startled. Ra Im said when he saw Joo Won, he remembered her father. He instantly felt guilty to her father, because of him, Ra Im’s  life without her father for 13 years was hard enough. Ra Im  remember when Joo Won said that he would be the Little Mermaid for her and now she begged  Joo Won to disappear like seafoam.

Joo Won immediately saw a newspaper story of 13 years to convince, and right in one newspaper contained news of the firefighters death, Gil Ik Seon, while saving someone’s life.

Ra Im back to visit his father’s cemetery . She apologized to his father because she loved Joo Won.

Seriously, I want to ride a roller coaster than watching this episode.
Before leaving for filming “Dark Blood”, Ah Yeong told Ra Im if she had a strange dream last night, Ra Im and Joo Won Im sitting opposite in a banquet, the table laid the flower tea. Ra Im asked “flower tea? Are you sure?instead of  wine medicine? “Ah Yeong told not know for sure because she was not able to taste in her dream.
In that dream, Ra Im-Joo Won was in the garden is very beautiful, they drink together, and there is one more person but Ah Yeong not know clearly third person. After Ra Im-Joo Won drink tea rose petals falling from the sky.

Filming process runs smoothly and Ra Im initially quite successful, but suddenly there was a crazy driver who break through the blocking of roads, and immediately hit the car which Ra Im was riding. Ra Im’s car was pushed hard into the tree, and the next scene was Ra Im’s  bloody hand.
Joo Won was facing the window when secretary Kim came to give the bad news. Before secretary Kim spoke, accidentally Joo Won break the vase of roses, once he realized it was a sign that something bad had happened to Ra Im.

At the hospital, action school members had gathered, they all cried, Ah Yeong hysterical, and Joo Won looked depressed because Ra Im was incoma and hadn’t regained consciousness, her brain was dead.

Joo Won voice-over “Several days have passed, that girl is still in her dreams as usual. When I see how comfortable her face is, in her dream I must not be there. Now she must have been waiting till I come, wait for tomorrow and after tomorrow.”
Joo Won always took care of Ra Im, day and night

At reading room, Joo Won was watching the forecast when Oska came to see him. He said that actually a few days ago before the accident Ra Im came to the reading room. Oska had a feeling that at that time Ra Im was very strange. Ra Im even told Oska to live happily as though they would not meet again. In addition, according to Oska, Ra Im also came to read books, Oska showed where Ra Im reading a book.

After Oska left, Joo Won was looking for books that (maybe) had been read by Ra Im last time. He sought and found a piece of paper tucked in the book “Alice inWonderland”. Joo Won opened it and found it was the last page of the “Little Mermaid.”
“The little mermaid sadly looked at the prince. She jumps into the sea, to become the seafoam and disappeared.”
Joo Won cried so badly while holding the paper. But isn’t this what you wanted from the beginning Joo Won-ssi? right?

Joo Won sent flowers and greeting card to his  mother “Mom, I love you, always, always, from Joo Won-ie” Madam Moon was very pleased thinking that his son was back as 21-year-old Joo Won again.

Even when Oska told the story of a confused fan ran Oska determinely whether male-or female, Joo Won laugh until his face turned red. Oska felt Joo Won laughter was an over acting because for Oska the story was not funnyat all. Joo Won provided a full box of his belongings to Oska. Oska was very happy because he really wanted the stuff. Oska was puzzled why his cousin did it, but he was happy to get the goods.

Joo Won asked him to take a picture together but Oska refused saying that it’s disgusting. Joo Won said that since he was 21 years, they had never taken any pictures together.
When Oska was asleep, Joo Won looked at him from afar. He started to cry and said “Hyung, I know everything that you lost me on purpose, I’m really thankful.”

Ough .. please, enough with all this crying!
At the hospital Jong Soo showed Ra Im  a video. He pleaded for Ra Im to wake up quickly. Joo Won watched from the outside. Jong-Soo told if Ra Im gained consciousness, he promised he would deliver Ra Im to Joo Won with a happy face. “With a smile I will send you to him if you only wake up”. oooh T_T

The weeping Joo Won wrote a letter to Ra Im: “…the wind is blowing strong enough to shake the branches this afternoon. When you read the letter, I hope you can also see the wind blow and shake the branches in an afternoon. So that what I saw, I hope you can see it too. The window I stood by you stand by, the bed I lied on, you lie on it. The books I read, if you read them. By being like that, we can be together, so like other couple let say we are happy.”

I already knew what  Joo Won was going to do next. After checking the forecasts, he said goodbye to everyone, and wrote a letter to Ra Im. Joo Won went to the hospital to bring Ra Im who was still in a coma. He brought Ra Im in the car to the place where the  storms would likely to pour down. With Ra Im was still in a coma leaned on his side, Joo Won said “Do not love others, live by myself, still thinking about me.” And he didn’t forget to give the message for Ra Im not to be too close to Choi Woo Yeong, “…because it’s gonna be an incest” .. huh? You could still make such a joke?

He knew this was the most selfish decision he made, but Ra Im had to accept it because he did it as a community leader. And his final message to Ra Im was “You have always been cool, Gil Ra Im. Continue to be cool in the future.” Then he cried and kissed Ra Im’s forehead, then said” I’m going to miss you a lot, I love you, I love you.”

Then he ran his car into the storm clouds … and I remembered Ah Yeong’s dream.

Aaarggh .. I officially hate this episode, Kim Joo Won-ssi, is this the best from you? Are you sure?

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  1. Love your summaries,even after i’ve re watch the drama for several time,i’m still read your summaries over and over again (i’ve saved the page on my mobile,so i could read it as much as i want ^^) but im still curious with the 18-20 episodes,where are they?? havent u wrote them yet??anyway,thanks a lot…

    • hey nea, i’m really glad read your comment, thanks for your time to read my lousy jobs and for your loyality.
      I hope you also enjoyed another our articles. We’ll do better :D.

  2. Hi! I’ve just started watching Secret Garden and of course, due to my impatience, decided to read ahead. :) Ahmnn.. what I want to say is your summaries are great. almost as great as watching the drama. Hope you post the summaries of episode 18-20. Super thanks for your reviews.. !! :) BTW, I’m from the Philippines and SC is just starting here.

  3. i like it very much! and i am touch by Kim Joo Won and Ra Im love story

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