“Sector 7” Smash Hit!

Only five days after officially released on August 4th, “Sector 7” has been able to attract one million more viewers. The audience flocked to theaters to watch this most anticipated summer movie which was created in 3D format. On August 8th, it’s recorded that 1,354,680 people came to theaters to watch this Sci-fi movie.

Eventually, Ha Ji Won’s big effort for this movie is not in vain. Her eight hours torture training, scuba diving, and motor cycling is paid off. On first weekend, “Sector 7” managed to beat off other box office movies, and able to get no.1 box office in Korea. Meanwhile on second place is her co-workers in “Haeundae”, Lee Min Gi with high speed movie “Quick”, on third is war movie “Go Ji Jeon”.

“Sector 7” is not without flaws. This movie also got some criticism, but it seems the viewers does not care, they are still excited to watch this movie. oh yeah.. nothing is perfect in this world, but definitely, “Sector 7” is the perfect movie for this summer.

Congratulation for this Korea’s first 3D movie and for the actors and the crews.

[by Blossom]

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