SG Wannabe’s Former Member Commits Suicide

Actually I hate writing this article..aarrgh..suicide again! X|
Chae Dong Ha, SG Wannabe’s former member, found hanging himself in his house at May 27th.

Reportedly, Chae Dong Ha allegedly depressed since he lost his best friend slash manager who died also through committing suicide two years ago.

After leaving SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha continued his solo carrier. He recently have completed Japanese promotion for his new album “Essay”. But maybe making himself busy with many activities couldn’t reduce his depression…too bad, because I think he just needed a friend to talk to and share his sorrow.

SG Wannabe’s old formation

The peoples who know him mourned and felt disapointed. SG Wannabe postponed their schedule.

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  1. About two weeks ago my friend comitted suicide…and it’s just so hard to deal with the after math. Like her family and all of us at church. I can only imagine whats going on with them. I really wish he could have had someone there for him.

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