Shin Ha Kyun and Shin Min Ah for New Movie “Only You” (온리유)?

Rumor has it that Shin Ha Kyun and Shin Min Ah will likely be the main cast for new movie only you. But this isn’t yet confirmed. Shin Ha Kyun’s agency through Mydaily said that Shin Ha Kyun still gives a review on the script, but hasn’t yet give any final decision in his involvement. They said they’d give the confirmation around this month, February. From Shin Min Ah’s side also gave a similar respond, saying that she still considers it and having Shin Ha Kyun as a candidate for her co-working sounds very promising.

Shin Ha Kyun drew lots of attention through his drama “Brain”, while his last movie was last year’s war movie alongside Go Soo, “The Front Line.” For Shin Min Ah, is she’s playing on this movie, it’ll be her 3 years comeback to the big screen after her 2009 movie “A Million”.

Hope this duo Shins will come to their final decision ;)


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  2. It will better with Actress Choi Jung Won who was also acted in Brain drama…….I hope so !!

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