SNSD Jessica and Lee Dong Wook’s Deep Kiss on “Wild Romance” Episode 9

SNSD Jessica and Lee Dong Wook have been the hot talk among netizen for the whole day because of their kissing scene. OMG! This is Jessica’s debut on drama and she’s already got the kissing scene? with Lee Dong Wook?? Okay, I need a drink…

We’ve written before that Jessica has been the regular for KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Wild Romance” as Park Moo Yeol’s (Lee Dong Wook) old love, Kang Jong Hee. And for tonight’s episode, the ninth, it’s obvious that Park Moo Yeol never let go of his love for Jong Hee. These first love couple’s broke up left a great depression for both sides and their feelings remain the same until the time being. Kang Jong Hee decided to come back to home country once again to be Moo Yeol’s woman.

Even though Jessica has never been my favorite among SNSD girls, she’s still a very pretty girl and very famous among men, while Lee Dong Wook…hhhh…I’m running out of words to describe him, so I’m not sure who’s actually the luckiest to get this scene. However, oh come on, a rookie actress is getting a hot kiss from that hot ajeossi? who wouldn’t say it’s a once in life luck? Okay, this is absolutely an envious expression. Haha.

But don’t you envy them (her, especially)??  X|  T_T



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  1. I don’t think the whole kissing scene is “hot” per se. but, whether its hot or not, its jessica who is luckier to have touched hotter than hot lee don wook’s Park Mu Yeol irrisisteble lips. I still find Ep 16 smack with LSY’s Eun Jae hotter than hot.

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