So Ji Seob Road on Gangwon Province?

I thought besides having a great kindness, i have to die first before i can have my name as a street name. Apparently that doesn’t happen in South Korea, in Gangwon province precisely. The plan is, for a particular 51km long road will be named after an actor who is still alive and still handsome of course: So Ji Seob. :mrgreen:

This is a tribute to So Ji Seob who indirectly promoting the province in his photo essay book, “So Ji Seob’s Road”
It’s the very first time in South Korea that an artist, in this case an actor, can get this honor. The province said the honesty of Seo Ji Seob is accordance with Gangwon province image. The So Ji Seob Road construction will be completed in 2012.
SoI guess in 2010, So Ji Seob’s life is filled with blessings and “roads”, from “Road No.1” until “So Ji Seob Road” ;) , maybe this is God’s way to treat his wounds for the lost of his bestfriend, Park Yeong Ha.

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