So Ji Sub Gets Rough for W Korea

For anticipating his new movie “A Company Man” that will be released on October 11, recentely So Ji Sub appears on W Korea magazine and shows his ruggedly charms. He posed with wounded style, as if he is the leader of gangster who’s wounded  after the gangsters war. With those poses, the messy appearance, the face before-morning-shave, and the cold expression…ah..So Ji Sub, as always, makes me melting…he is so HOT!

In “A Company Man” he plays as Ji Hyung Do, the assassin from the secret organization. They e run their jobs, the assassins disguise as the  workers from ordinary company. One day Hyung Do give up the important mission, but then the company doesn’t let his life easy, he and the person he loves become the next target of the company.

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  1. love this photoshoot love sjs… so hot!!!!

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