Song Jung Ki Becomes The Good Bad Boy for Highcut

20121218-Song Jung Ki_4

On Highcut latest edition, Song Jung Ki performs his two charming sides, the bad and the good. As the good boy he appears so innocent and pure, based on these photos i bet he must be so cute every time he wakes up in the morning. And for the bad side, he’s being arrogant and carefree…but i think, as always, he’s so cool with those expressions.

Song Jung Ki becomes  one of the most popular actors for 2012, through his drama “Nice Guy” and movie “Wolf Boy”, Song Jung Ki proves his magnificent acting skill.

More photos of Song Jung Ki and also his interview will be released on December 2o.

20121218-Song Jung Ki_2

20121218-Song Jung Ki_3

20121218-Song Jung Ki

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