Song Jung Ki, The Nicest Boy on Cover for “Singles”

This autumn is for Song Jung Ki, his acting was brilliant on “Nice Guy”, and managed to put the drama as the winner on Wednesday-Thursday dramas battle. Then his movie “Wolf Boy” recorded on the first place on blockbuster movie list for these weeks, gained over 5 million of viewers.

After finishing his duty on small screen, the duty for big screen still continues. As part of “Wolf Boy” promotion, recently Song Jung Ki appears as the cover story for Singles magazine. Just like his role in the movie, Song Jung Ki shows his innocently charm on this pictorial, but sometimes he can’t hide his charms as the player, that reminds us with her role on “Nice Guy”, Kang Maru.

When the photoshoot happened, the female crew being fascinated by him. Song Jung Ki looks more mature and handsome day by day, he is the combination between cute and sexy. I think he grows up through his roles that he played on movies and dramas.

More fascinating photos of him can be seen on Singles magazine for December issue.

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6 Responses to Song Jung Ki, The Nicest Boy on Cover for “Singles”

  1. Even my Korean friend,who is a man said, “I’m not a gay,but I like Song Jung Ki. He’s face is toooo handsome.” :D

  2. So, do I want that sweater in the first pic or do I want to BE that sweater in the first pic?

  3. Flower Guy….so cute….

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