Song Jung Ki Turns So Blue on Bazaar for “A Werewolf Boy”

Lately, Song Jung Ki makes the buzzing due to his role on “Nice Guy”, and recently he appears on Bazaar for anticipating his up-coming movie “A Werewolf Boy” (늑대소년). The movie that he plays alongside with Park Bo Yeong already screening on The 37th Toronto International Film Festival this mid-September.

Taking the setting on 1965, “A Werewolf Boy” tells about a lonely girl, Soon Yi (Park Bo Yeong) who makes friend with unusual boy who act like a wolf, so wild and rough, but actually they have the same reason to be together, they both feel lonely. “A Werewolf Boy” will be officially released on October 31.

On this movie, as Chul Soo, an alienated and uncivilized boy, he rarely to speak, he shows emotion through his face, so he demanded to be more expressions, such as angry, sorrowful, lonely, and helpless. And on “Nice Guy” as Kang Ma Ru, Song Jung Ki appears with the heartless and cold expression, but sometimes he shows his charms as a player. And on this simple pictorial, Song Jung Ki is just wearing the blue shirt and shows the loneliness and his gloomy side.

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