Park Min Yeong and Kim So Yeon Consider To Join “Time Slip dr.Jin”

Although the project is under plagiarism issue with another up-coming drama “Faith”, “Time Slip Dr.Jin” keeps on schedule. The actors have confirmed. Besides Song Seung Hun and Kim Jae Joong, our adorkable ajeossi, Lee Beom Soo, also joined on the casts.

Song Seung Hun as the genius neurosurgeon will become time traveler doctor to late Joseon era, about 150 years ago. In that era he will learn about traditional medicine that he will combine with his modern medicine. Jaejoong as the swordman, Kim Kyung Tak, i still don’t know he will be the doctor’s rival or friend, because  I doubt, a doctor has a rival swordsman??? Meanwhile, Lee Beom Soo will be the one of the Joseon characters, but i hope he still shows his hilarious side.

Next they are looking for the actresses. Reportedly they are offering the roles for Park Min Yeong  and Kim So Yeon. Until now, they both still consider the offers. Actually this drama has tight schedule, for start airing on May 26th on MBC, they have to begin the filming this week.

If Park Min Yeong agrees to join this drama, she will take double roles, on present days she will be dr. Jin’s sister, then on Joseon era she will be a noble’s daughter, Hong Yeong Rae. While, Kim So Yeon will be the famous gisaeng on Joseon time, Chun Hong. This mysterious and mytical gisaeng has ability to look into the future, maybe she has a connection with dr.Jin time traveling matter.

I think it will be a little weird if  Park Min Yeong agrees to join this drama, because her ex-boyfriend, Lee Min Ho, will act on “Faith”. How could they put this ex-couple on this rivalry situation…so drama… :?

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