Soundtracks for “History of The Salary Man”

Actually, lately i felt sick with chaebol things or cinderella story on dramas. Thank goodness this winter SBS is showing the odd taste drama, “History of The Salary Man”. So far (i have just watch episode 6 that airing January 17th) this drama offered something different, so quirky and hilarious. Actually this drama tells about pretty heavy issues about the poverty, vengeance, espionage, business competitions, murder, and legacy, but the genius writer and director wrapped those issues from an unusual point of view, and i enjoyed watching this drama, yeah since it’s the bleak comedy.

The casts, especially Lee Beom Soo and Jung Ryeo Won really nice doing their works. On this drama Lee Beom Soo’s character, Yoo Bang, recalls me about Lee Beom Soo’s movie “Where is Jung Seung Pil”. In this drama he’s also so comical, naive,so dorky and pathetic, he’s really great actor. For Jung Ryeong Won, frankly she wasn’t my favorite actress, i don’t like her because…mmm… :? mmm..she’s very thin ( :lol: at least i have a reason). But after looking her acting on this drama, i admitted her job really good, as Baek Yeo Chi, with the red hair, she’s transformed into the bitchy-trouble maker-grand daughter, so annoying and infuriating. And the other casts also make me laugh, Hong Soo Hyun and Jung Kyu Woon.

And too bad, i don’t have much time for make some report from this drama, but here the soundtracks from that drama, part 1 sung by Yoon Goon from Brown Eyes featuring Misty of Gavy NJ, title “The Little Match Girl” (성냥팔이 소녀). And for the part 2 there’s Leeteuk who sings together with his label-mate Key from Shinee for “Bravo”. “Bravo” sounds dynamic, suit for back sound of Yoo Bang’s tense missions.

Yoon Goon feat Misty (Gavy NJ) “The Little Match Girl” (성냥팔이 소녀)

Leeteuk Feat. Key (Shinee): Bravo

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