OST I Love Lee Tae Ri

“I Love Lee Tae Ri” is a very amusing drama that I recommend you to watch. I’ve been also into this TvN Monday-Tuesday drama. Unfortunately this drama main conflict is very much similar to “BIG”. It’s about a young boy who’s trapped in an adult body. But different with KBS’ “BIG”, in “I Love Lee Tae Ri” the kid, Geum Eun Dong is not exchanging his soul with someone else’s body. It’s just him who’s suddenly grow up from a 14 years old boy to a 25 years old man appearance. But there’s no time leap and everyone was still the same, but him. It’s a pure fantasy drama about Eun Dong’s adventure with the far-older-than-him-woman Lee Tae Ri. And in my opinion, Kim Ki Bum is more comical than Gong Yoo. I couldn’t help laughing out loud every time watching this drama.

And the soundtrack “사랑…안녕 (Hello…My Love)” by Jun Su had been quite famous too this days. It’s playing in many places around Seoul. So I guess it’s just nice to share this in my blog.


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