Summer Playlist:: “One Summer Night” from Brown Eyed Girls

Actually i planned to put SISTAR’s “Loving U” on this article since that song is really fun to hear on this hot weather, but recently my favorite band “Brown Eyed Girls” is comeback! Yay! this summer these women released new album “Brown Eyed Girls: The Original”, and  July 17th they also released the MV from their single “One Summer Night”.

This song is really different from their sensational song from the previously album “Sixth Sense.” “One Summer Night” sounds jazzy and more soul. Jea, the leader, who wrote this song, the lyrics and the music just to fun and relax to hear. I can enjoy Miryo’s rapping part.  And the MV has got beautiful meaning. It tells about the young girl who made solo trip for her summer holiday, she went to the small beach city. On that place she met a nice young guy, and together they created the sweet summer love story along the holiday, but too bad…that story had to end when the holiday ended. And now, for that girl that story just a good memory which can make her  smile again.

yeah..every one has their own story on summer, because it’s time for adventures. So lets enjoy the sunshine and have a nice summer for you all!!! ;)



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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    I love them! I learned about them recently and absolutely crazy about their sound!

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