T-ara’s Shuffle Dance and Tears on “Lovey Dovey” MVs

Once again T-ara make a buzz through their catchy song and dance, after showing the 70’s cute dance on “Roly Poly”, now these seven girls  teach us how to do shuffling. They do the popular shuffle dance on “Lovey Dovey” MVs (from Funky Town album).

“Lovey Dovey” made on  a bunch of MVs, before they released the dance version, they released the drama version MV on first week in January. This is the sequel from “Cry Cry” MV that starred by Cha Seung Won. I like the previuos MV, but disappointed for this one. How could they make my ajeossi died??? This MV is so sad, more tears here. But after all, i was quite surprise with Q-ri’s acting skill, she’s really good.

Drama version feat. Cha Seung Won

Then on January 11  they released the second MV, the zombie-nightclub version. Im So Hyang became the cameo here, and they show their shuffle dance skill. The first time i saw this MV I was confused why these girls didn’t wear the killer heels as usual. Then i realized  oh yeah no need the heels for shuffle dance. That’s why i like seeing them do that dance, so natural, funny, cute, and safe.

Zombie Nightclub version

Continue to another version, a week after the zombie version being released, finally they released the Tokyo version. I like this MV, so girl band… they transformed into Tokyo party girls, and more the shuffle dance.

Lovey Dovey in Tokyo

Even though “Lovey Dovey” is not my favorite T-ara’s song, but sometimes in my spare time i don’t mind listening to it, so catchy and fun. And i think these girls (once again) success to gained high attention from the public with their skill on dance, sing, and acting. Good job girls!

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[videos: 1, 2, 3]

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