Support to Lee Ji Ah about Her Shocking Rumors

I’ve endured not to comment on Lee Ji Ah’s shocking-married-divorced-rumors but lately too many speculation emerged that discredit Lee Ji Ah, so I  just want to express my feelings about her agony.

On April 21st, a rumor spread about secretly marriage and divorce between Lee Ji Ah (actress) and Seo Taiji (musician). They married secretly in 1997 (when Lee Ji Ah was 20 years old) and they officially divorced (also secretly) in 2009 in US. From that marriage they had two daughters.

Actually there was nothing wrong with her past. This pretty widow just an ordinary woman and has a right to marry some one and also divorce him secretly. Unfortunately she’s a celebrity, her ex, Seo Taiji, also a celebrity, and the worse, she’s dating with her co-star in “Athena”, Jeong Woo Seong, then once she became headline news in South Korea. Even reportedly her lover, Jeong Woo Seong, surprised by this rumors. He didn’t know Lee Ji Ah’s real marriage status. Reportedly, likely he will broke up with her, if it turns out the rumors were true. (Is this the best your way to loving, ajeossi?? Ouch…Frankly I’m a bit disappointed)

Jeong Woo Seong was very upset and shocked, now he’s seeking an explanation from his lover. Since the rumor was spread, Lee Ji Ah has disappeared and no one can contact her, including Jeong Woo Seong.

As a woman I feel sympathy for her. She is not a bad person and this rumour doesn’t make her to be a bad person either. She’s just a mother who does not want others to know her past because everyone needs privacy. I’m quite sure she has some logic reasons why she’s hiding her marriage status from public.. It would be better if the Korean media not creating more maze news about her, because I thought she must be pretty depressed by the rumors, please respect her, her daughters and her family.

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4 Responses to Support to Lee Ji Ah about Her Shocking Rumors

  1. Jeong Woo Seong and Lee Ji Ah, they both look MUCH more older than Seo Taiji LOL specialy Jeong Woo Seong, he looks like his uncle LMAO

  2. Ji ah fighting I love you for ever and I’m always going to be a big fan of you ;)))

  3. I really love this post. Thanks for your sharing. Hope that I could read more and more useful article like this. Keeping moving forward

  4. Carolina alvez

    I really am a great fan of Lee ji ah. It was after I watched The Legend where she played her role very impressively. I made a simple research about her life and this is what I can share. She is a woman of a big heart to love even at a young age. Marriage to Seo maybe failed but more importantly is that she love him. Her beauty is not just in the outside but also in the inside.. I just hope that she will find a man that will truly love and support her. All her movies are high ratings for me. She maybe 40 yrs old now ,but her beauty is matchless even among actresses of today.

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