Lee Ji Ah : Official Statement from Her Agency

Finally through her agency, KeyEast, Lee Ji Ah apologized to close friends and fans for spreading the shocking news about her marriage status. She regretted having made them disappointed.

Lee Ji Ah who were studying in the U.S. first met Seo Tai Ji on 1993, they became lover since 1996 when Seo Tai Ji retired from his band and decided to stayed in US. Then this couple was married in 1997. In 2000, Seo Taiji went back to Korea, meanwhile Lee Ji Ah stayed in US.

In 2004, Lee Ji Ah came to Korea just for vacation but she met KeyEast CEO, Yang Geun Hwan. He asked Lee Ji Ah to start a career in the entertainment business. Her decision to become an actress was proven to correct. Her appearance in “The Legend” was quite success. Then in 2005, she decided to move back to Korea permanently and signed a contract with KeyEast until now.

Since her husband is a celebrity she was forced to hide their marriage status during her debut as an actress. But in 2006 Lee Ji sent a lawsuit for Seo Taji for divorce. They divorced because of their busy activities, different life styles and personalities. They finally divorced in 2009. Up until now, it turns out there are still some unfinished business between them regarding some agreements or sort of in the court, so that finally their news revealed to the public. During 14 years of their marriage, they didn’t have any children, and were divorced in a good way.

Lee Ji Ah’s mistake was only too late revealed this truth to the public. And I hope after this statement there’s no maze news about her anymore.

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