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Lee Min Ho’s Profile (이민호)

Started acting in 2005, but the success came after he starred in the phenomenal drama “Boys Before Flower” (2009). A remake of Japanese dorama “Hana Yori Dango”. The success of “Boys Before Flower” was inseparable from his acting as Goo Jun Pyo, the F4 leader. He’s even let his hair be curled (for me, he […]

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“Magic” (요술) from Goo Hye Seon

What a talented artist Goo Hye Seon is. Now she’s known not only as an actress, but also as a novelist (her novel “Tango”) and a movie director. On late June 2010, a movie “Magic” (요술 ) was released. It was a star-filled on the VIP premier. Famous names like Lee Min Ho, Choi Kang […]

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Kim Beom (김범)

His name became famous after he appeared in the drama “Boys Before Flower” (2009), as Seo Yi Jeong, F4 member. However I first knew about Kim Beom through drama “East Of Eden” (2008), his acting in the drama was awesome, as the young Lee Dong Cheol. I personally was disappointed with his acting in Boys […]