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Lee Min Ho Is Very Busy Promoting His Dramas in Japan

Even there’s no drama project in the close time for him, Lee Min Ho still has tight schedule. He has a bunch of photoshoot for ads and promoting his dramas. Due to his two latest dramas “City Hunter” and “Personal Taste” broadcasting in Japan these days, Lee Min Ho  flew to Japan on February 13th. […]

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Lee Min Ho’s Smile After Disenggaging Yoon Seong Character

Lee Min Ho has gained so much attention through drama “City Hunter” because his character here as Lee Yoon Seong was so much different from his character in 2009 drama “Boys After Flower”, Goo Joon Pyeo. Personally, I never considered Lee Min Ho as a Korean Heartthrob or a even a good looking Korean man […]

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Lee Min Ho’s Profile (이민호)

Started acting in 2005, but the success came after he starred in the phenomenal drama “Boys Before Flower” (2009). A remake of Japanese dorama “Hana Yori Dango”. The success of “Boys Before Flower” was inseparable from his acting as Goo Jun Pyo, the F4 leader. He’s even let his hair be curled (for me, he […]

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Son Ye Jin’s Profile (손예진)

When I first watched “Personal Taste” (2010), who was played by Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin, I’ve been wondering about her beauty. In this drama Son Ye Jin looked so fresh and young. Her melancholy face is a “weapon” in her movies such as “The Classic” (2003), “A Moment To Remember” (2004), and […]

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Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜)

Her appearance as an arrogant rich girl in “Take Care Of Young Lady” (2009) saved the ratings of the drama. Although not as successful as her previous drama “Coffee Prince” (2007) and “Goong” (2006), at least it could cure her fans longing after more than two years Yoon Eun Hye’s absent from acting, precisely after […]


Personal Taste For Lee Min Ho

After finishing the project of Boys Before Flower, every member of F4 has continued his own career, including their leader Lee Min Ho. That 23 year old actor was once again trusted as the leading man in a drama titled “Personal Taste”. Counted as one of the Korean top list actors,Lee Min Ho’s appearance in […]