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“My P.S Partner” Shows Off The Intimate Stills

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jong share their intimacy on stills of up-coming romance comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. For this R rated movie of course will be more of the hot scenes for the couple. The  couple, Yoon Jeong (Kim Ah Jong) and Hyun Seung (Ji Sung), was met because of an accidental call. […]

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Ji Sung Shows Off His Abs for “My P.S Partner”

For his new romantic comedy movie “My P.S Partner” that rated as adult movie , Ji Sung shows off his abs, not only one..but twice! and of course his abs doesn’t dispointed at all..his body looks perfect and HOT. When i was looking these still cuts just popped up in my head..”whoaa..Lee Bo Yeong is really […]

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“My P.S Partner” Unveiled The Seductive Poster

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Jong made naughty pose on poster for their romance-comedy movie “My P.S Partner”. This rated R movie itself will be officially released on December. The romance begin when Yoon Jeong (Kim Ah Jong) feels desperate with her boyfriend, after five years together, that man didn’t purpose her. Yoon Jeong is […]

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Ji Sung Held An Earlier Birthday Party with 60 Fans

Actor Ji Sung held an earlier birthday party at a restaurant around Gangnam with 60 fans. The party was held on February 26 while his birthday was on February 27. He was so happy spending the 3 hours event with his fans, who were mostly women, and couldn’t stop saying thanks and love. Ji Sung […]