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Song Seung Hun’s Hot Pics Part 2

You all must know about my guilty pleasure article, when Song Seung Hun found topless on one of “My Princess” scenes and showed the perfect abs, yeah that was the Part 1. Actually I still have the “embarrassment” on that article, because that article makes me feel like I’m  a naughty girl, BUT anyhow here […]


The Adorable Song Seung Heon

I just wanted to share this picture because for me this picture is very adorable. It was taken from the set of “My Princess.” Song Seung Heon took this picture with his baby co-star, Jeon Min Seo. They both look very cute! This picture made me want to have children with Seung Heon-oppa … [info […]

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Hot Pics of Song Seung Heon from “My Princess”!

Whoaaaa…these photos…whoa…I’m speechless :drooling: Song Seun Heon has a beautiful six pack (may I call it beautiful? Because I think the abs is so perfect, nothing less and nothing more) On January 4th some more photos from “My Princess” were released, capturing Song Seung Heon in shower. Frankly, I wonder how important is the shower […]

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“My Princess” Press Conference

On January 3rd, the most anticipated MBC drama “My Princess” held a press conference. Attending the event were two leading roles, Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon. They look like a royal couple, as Kim Tae Hee performing with tiara and Song Seung Heon looked like prince charming. “My Princess” is a romantic comedy […]

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From “My Princess” Set

Song Seung Heon Revealed pictures from “My Princess” location. Song Seung Heon appeared with his co-star Kim Tae Hee, an adorable couple. In addition, there are a few photos that show he enjoyed the winter on the set, like hang out with a snowman. In “My Princess”, Song Seun Heon’s role is as Park Hae […]

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“My Princess”: Cinderella and Prince Charming?

Another photo release of the most anticipated MBC drama “My Princess”. After wearing an elaborate hanbok, Kim Tae Hee appeared with the European-royal-style. This time she is not alone, but together with her co-star, Song Seung Heon. Seeing these photos like seeing a  fairy tale cover book. They look like Cinderella and prince charming. Actually […]


Kim Tae Hee Wearing Hanbok for “My Princess”

Seeing these pictures, I suddenly recalled  “Goong” when Yoon Eun Hye had to be a princess. But for “My Princess”, Kim Tae Hee doean’t have to be a real princess. She just needs to be a fake one. She looks cute with hanbok, but looks a bit clumsy and confused. Kim Tae Hee plays as […]


Stills from “My Princess”

Song Seung Heon embraced you to escape from the rush of reporters, maybe that’s what would’ve happened if I had been his girlfriend (but that’s only in my dreams last night ). Actually it was Kim Tae Hee who was in Song Seung Heon’s arms and  got saved by him from the journalists who were […]


“My Princess” Released Posters

Romantic comedy drama “My Princess” released the posters. This drama will be aired on MBC started January 5th. “My Princess” starred by Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee. Frankly, I missed Song Seung Heon performing in small screen again, as I recall his latest drama was “East of Eden” (2008). In “My Princess” he […]