Song Seung Hun’s Hot Pics Part 2

You all must know about my guilty pleasure article, when Song Seung Hun found topless on one of “My Princess” scenes and showed the perfect abs, yeah that was the Part 1. :mrgreen:

Actually I still have the “embarrassment” on that article, because that article makes me feel like I’m  a naughty girl, BUT anyhow here I am in the Part 2…(oh Rizz would scold me for posting this article, but so sorry girl, these pics are too hot to be missed). I swear i’m not naughty girl, i’m just a devotees of beauty. :p

These are stills from his new weekend drama “Doctor Jin” (“Time Slip Doctor Jin”) on MBC. He plays as Jin Hyuk, the time traveler doctor, who’s trapped on Joseon era. But even in traditional setting, director and writer can still find a scope to show  Song Seung Hun’s perfect body.

Of course there were no showers in Joseon time, but thankfully water in the river is still enough to make him wet, and too bad, maybe because on that time being topless was a crime or considered impolite, so we must satisfy by just looking at his shape through his wet clothes.

Frankly sometimes I think it’s as an exploitation but as always, in drama industry,  if you have actors as sexy as him, showing their abs is a necessity. Yeah..that’s what I called my guilty pleasure, sounds like an exploitation but I (and you) enjoy it, right??? :D

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2 Responses to Song Seung Hun’s Hot Pics Part 2

  1. yup its a guilty pleasure but i love it & very guilty i won’t miss to see that awesome body of his

  2. why u did not create quick summary of the drama????

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