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SG Wannabe’s Former Member Commits Suicide

Actually I hate writing this article..aarrgh..suicide again! Chae Dong Ha, SG Wannabe’s former member, found hanging himself in his house at May 27th. Reportedly, Chae Dong Ha allegedly depressed since he lost his best friend slash manager who died also through committing suicide two years ago. After leaving SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha continued his […]

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SG Wannabe Comeback With “Sunflower” MV

After one year and five months, SG Wannabe comes back! They’ve launched a digital single “Winter Tree” on October 12, and next they released MV for the their next single “Sunflower”. Music on “Sunflower” sounds pretty much got an influenced by country music genre. It seems that SG Wannabe wants to try something different in […]

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SG Wannabe Is Back!

Kyaaaaaaa … .. Oops sorry I was hysteric because i’m too excited … SG Wannabe is my favorite male vocal group, I wouldn’t call them the boy band, because I never (and don’t want) see them dancing. And the most important thing is their voices are really great. After more than a year, exactly one […]