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Ji Sung Is Back For “The Great Seer” (대풍수)

“The Great Seer” or “The Great Feng Shui Master” or “Dae Poong Soo” added more casts, after Ji Jin Hee, Lee Yoon Ji, and Kim So Yeon on the list, finally they chose Ji Sung, as the Master. On August 16th, Ji Sung’s agency, Namoo Entertainment released  statement that their actor positively joins the new sageuk […]

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Ji Jin Hee’s Next Sageuk Project

Our favorite ajeossi, Ji Jin Hee will be back to sageuk project. On March 29th, Ji Jin Hee’s representative said that Ji Jin Hee is considering to be involved in SBS’s new sageuk drama “The Great Feng Shui Master” or know as “Dae Poong Soo” (대풍수). This time his sageuk isn’t purely based on historical story. […]