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Ji Jin Hee, The Melancholic Ajeossi on “Marie Claire”

Due to his on going drama “The Great Seer” that’s currently running on SBS, lately Ji Jin Hee often  appears on fashion magazine, and becomes my favorite ajeossi through  this, and latest through this pictorial for Marie Claire magazine. Based on his roles on many dramas, where he always appears as the cold and stiff […]

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Ji Jin Hee: The Bad, The Weird, and The Great on Fashion Magazines November Issue

The autumn is very generous, our favorite ajeossi appears not for only one fashion magazine but two different fashion magazines for November issue: Harper’s Bazaar and Allure. Maybe it’s just for promotion of his on-going drama “The Great Seer”, but i don’t care, as long as Ji Jin Hee’s become wild and sexy as these […]

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The First Teaser From Ji Sung’s New Drama “The Great Seer” (대풍수) Unveiled

On September 20, for the first time the stills of SBS’s up-coming high budget drama “The Great Seer” (대풍수) unveiled to the public. The teaser introduced the lead character, Ji Sang (played by Ji Sung), the great master, he’s known as the gifted seer. Ji Sung is very enthusiastic during the filming, for portraying that […]

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The High Cost for “The Great Seer” (대풍수) Production

There’s a fact reveals from SBS’s most anticipated drama “The Great Seer” (대풍수). Just for the re-production of this historical drama cost up to 35 billion won. What a big sum! yeah..for totality on the set, the costume, and the actors of course they always need big budget to make a sageuk drama. They already built […]

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Ji Sung Is Back For “The Great Seer” (대풍수)

“The Great Seer” or “The Great Feng Shui Master” or “Dae Poong Soo” added more casts, after Ji Jin Hee, Lee Yoon Ji, and Kim So Yeon on the list, finally they chose Ji Sung, as the Master. On August 16th, Ji Sung’s agency, Namoo Entertainment released  statement that their actor positively joins the new sageuk […]

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Ji Jin Hee’s Next Sageuk Project

Our favorite ajeossi, Ji Jin Hee will be back to sageuk project. On March 29th, Ji Jin Hee’s representative said that Ji Jin Hee is considering to be involved in SBS’s new sageuk drama “The Great Feng Shui Master” or know as “Dae Poong Soo” (대풍수). This time his sageuk isn’t purely based on historical story. […]

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Ji Jin Hee, the Hot and Adorable Ajeossi for High Cut

Before “Take Care of Us, Captain”  I was used to seeing him on traditional hanbok, that’s why on that drama it feels weird seeing him on monkey suit. On January 25th when High Cut published his recent photos i just realized that Ji Jin Hee has different side which has yet to be revealed. For […]

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“Take Care of Us, Captain” Shows The Main Characters Together

On December 13th, after completing filming in Australia, the lead actors of SBS new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”, Ji Jin Hee and Goo Hye Seon, appeared together on the set, a studio which transformed into a plane and  they also wear the pilot uniform. They talked about their involvement in this drama. Besides […]

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Ji Jin Hee on Pilot Uniforms

Finally our Captain is wearing the uniforms! After the transformation of becoming a photographer in Australia, now Ji Jin Hee is ready to fly. In his new drama “Take Care of Us, Captain!” he will play as a pilot, Kim Yoon Seong,  alongside Goo Hye Seon, as Han Da Jin, his junior and also his […]

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