The Blade And Petal Episode 11 Summary

Just when Moo Young and all Yeon Jung Ro’s soldiers about to yield their swords and ready to attack, Boo Chi who stands by watching on the rooftop giving away signals that much bigger enemy’s army are ready to swipe them all if they persevere attack General Yeon right there. Leader So shakes his head suggesting to terminate the fight and everybody draws their swords back in.

Looking at how they won’t continue with the battle that very night, Yeon Jung Ro heads of with his alternative plan which he already prepared beforehand with Moo Young and her people. He suggests General Yeon to go around Mount Chungyong if the General plans to attend the ceremony at the Gyemo Wall.

The ever wise and cautious Choong argues that the fastest is to go over the mount but Jung Ro replies by saying how people there are enemies for the General and they might trouble him. He says the other way to reach Gyemo Wall is go over Soltize in North East and how it’s better for the General’s convoy because the rebels there are already annihilated so basically it’s an empty abandoned area.

As soon as General Yeon leaves his place, Jung Ro discusses the situation with Moo Young. Moo Young is convinced that the General will take Jung Ro’s advice since he has no choice and for sure the General won’t divide his convoy into two force unit either. At the General’s place, they also discuss the situation, analyzing which road they should take, basically reviewing whether taking Jung Ro’s advice as a safe one or not. Choong however, suggests them to take Soltize route, but with the General in a coach instead taking the journey on an open carriage. Meanwhile, Moo Young and Jung Ro already set a plan to prepare an ambush and trap the General in Soltize.

The morning comes and the General procession with Choong as the leader ready to departure, while safe in a coach General Yeon sits calmly there. In the meantime, a spy reports to Moo Young’s army in an abandoned village near Soltize, that the General’s army is moving to that place. Not very long then Choong leads his convoy to the middle of the village, unaware with the enemy soldiers is eyeing them behind the closed doors and windows. Despite they look as if they unaware with the enemy presence, we can see Choong’s eagle eyes sharply gazes every spots he passes, calculating the situation.


As star-crossed lover of Choong’s, seems that Moo Young also has blessed with the same smart analyzing ability, thanks to his King Dad who raised her as warrior princess back then. She notices how the General’s personal guard is nowhere to be seen, but careless Jung Ro thinks it’s so much better to attack the General while his guard is missing. So Jung Ro rushes out from his hide out, forces Moo Young and the rest to come out too and they meet a bitter fact in front of their eyes.


It’s all a trap, a very big and huge trap. Choong has predicted how they’ll gonna be ambushed and he prepares a pleasant fight back for them. The night before the attack, the General visited General Yang and asked him blankly who is better live between General Yeon or Jung Ro for the sake of Goguryeo. It’s not a lovely choice, but even General Yang knows how great Yeon Gae Somun as a general so he chooses to join forces with the General and helps to set up the trap for Moo Young and Jung Ro’s army in Soltize.

Moo Young runs to the coach in the middle of the fight so wishing to take the General’s life by her own hand and scarily realizes how total the trap is, when she finds out it’s a poor soldier sits in there disguising General Yeon. She doesn’t lose hope anyway and runs again through the village, expecting to catch either the General or Choong there. Worry with the princess’ safety , Leader So instructs Boo Chi to guard her.

Choong spots Jung Ro among the soldiers in the battle field and he takes off from his horse, ready to hunt him. He exhales deeply, expressing his hate of the idea of killing people. But this is war, and he’s a warrior so he yields his sword and kills anyone who stands in front of him. Jung Ro tries to escape from the battle field, though right in a corner Choong just appears and slaughters all his guards.

In the palace, Jang meets two closest allies of General Yeon’s and tries to buy their loyalties by offering one of them the chancellor’s position, and the other one as the head of the intelligence agency equals with the chancellor’s rank.


Somewhere safe, General Yeon and his procession continues their journey when they receive a message. Jung Ro falls into Choong’s trap, and now the General commands his troop to turn back because he wants to see end of the traitor.

Deep in the battlefield, a painful scene happens. The two lovers fight each other to death, swinging their swords with all their might, so willing to kill. With a mask Moo Young uses to cover her face, all Choong knows is that he fights a rebel. In the other hand, Moo Young is a bit hesitant to attack him because she sees how Choong slides the hairpin she gave him into his hair.

It’s a statement of love, even in her hatred she recognizes it so she faces Choong half-hearted. Too sad that her hesitation pays a cost because during their fight Choong stabs Young Hae, the female warrior from the Geumhwadan who tries to help her. That stab wakes Moo Young up, and she stabs Choong back.

Moo Young continues attacking Choong who now is weak with the fresh stabbing wound. He’s cornered and closes his eyes to accept his death when masked Moo Young yielding her sword high, prepares to kill him. However glimpses of their love in the past time crosses in Moo Young’s mind, makes her oblivious with General Yeon’s guard comes up behind her and slices her back. She falls to the ground right in front of Choong who completely unaware that the dying female warrior he just fought with, is the woman he loves and tries to protect with all his might.


General Yeon’s guard is just about to finish Moo Young’s life when another Geumhwadan member shows up and protects her. He fails, and together with Young Hae get killed at the spot. Leader So and Boo Chi arrive at the same time and immediately the leader commands Boo Chi to get the princess and takes her away from the battle field and instead brings her to the umbrella maker in Jolbon.


Boo Chi at first refuses to leave him, but Leader So catches a bad sight, General’s men got Jung Ro. Aware that Jung Ro might leak important information about them, Leader So has his decision sets.

Kneeling in front of the General, Jung Ro begs him to save his life by trading it with the information he has about the rebel he works with. Jung Ro just about to start by revealing that they are essentially the remaining forces from the former king but when he wants to tell that one of the leader is actually one of the king’s descendants, an arrow flies and kills him right away. Choong immediately takes his stand in front of his father and his decision is correct.

Another arrow flies and now stabs Choong’s shoulder, more arrows come and the General is furious with the possibility that someone is so dare to kill him openly like that. His men are pretty capable though, because in a minute they come up to the roof and have their swords on the neck of Leader So, the arrow shooter. It’s when Leader So is brought to the General, Choong recognizes him at once as one of the royal family protector.


At the umbrella maker’s place in Jolbon, they care for the princess wound. Moo Young still insists on her revenge, but the umbrella maker reminds her how so many people already died just for her personal revenge. Choong visits Leader So in the prison, asking about who is behind him but he gives Choong no answer. After the visit General Yeon meets his son, he concerns with his health and he also wants to ask about whether Choong can gain any info from the prisoner. Choong tells him they won’t get any answer from him and that from now on he’ll be the one taking care of Leader So in prison.

Choong nonetheless reminds his father that there still be more rebels like Jung Ro out there and how they need to be put under surveillance. He suggests to put all the General’s enemies under surveillance since then, his father smiles proudly listening to his son’s smart idea. When General Yeon’s allies meet him that night, the General asks them about their meeting with the king. In the palace, Jang gets disappointed when he hears how the General survives from Jung Ro’s attack and that because the help from General Yang.

Later General Yeon pays a visit to King Jang, he confronts the king about the former king’s ashes stealing. According to the General, anyone who still concerns with the former king in any form is considered as a rebel. The accusation pretty much locks the king’s mouth because indirectly General Yeon accuses him as a rebel and deserves to be punished.

In the assembly the next morning, Minister Ohn Sa Mun announces how they about to establish a new office to deal with state external and internal affair. All forces are going to be united in this office to centralize power. The new office will be called Prime Minister, with General Yeon Gae Somun as the sole candidate for the post. *So in my summaries before this I use Prime Minister wrongly for the supposed word Chancellor. The Prime Minister post in Goguryeo then actually just applies during Yeon’s governance. So sorry for the mistake.

General Yeon then becomes the Prime Minister of Goguryeo and he announces how the prime minister will be in charge in all military affairs, selection of chairs, and all other state affairs. An emergency state defense is proposed, which causes all private armies owned by the nobles to be put under the prime minister’s command as Goguryeo army. Basically now all armies in Goguryeo are under General Yeon’s solely command. King Jang tries to argues this army monopoly but all ministers are too afraid to speak their mind against General Yeon.

General Yeon puts Minister Ohn Sa Mun as the chancellor, General Yang Jin Wook remains as the Chief Secretary. Angry because his authority is stepped over, Jang reminds the General that chancellor seat needs to be elected, not appointed. But his protest goes to empty air when the General reminds the king that as the prime minister the General has the authority to select all the officials.

As the eldest son of the Yeon Family, Choong will be given office as the Steward and later act as the director of the fortification of the Cheonri Wall. The General then continues with his announcement to build an intelligence agency which will monitor Goguryeo externally and internally. The agency will later be called as Joye Agency, and under  his direct command.  So essentially all military and state affairs fall under prime minister jurisdiction, leaves the king as merely puppet sitting on the throne with no authorities whatsoever.


Few years passes, and now Moo Young resurrects with her disguising as a young hunter guy who regularly sells his hunted animals to the market. Later at the umbrella maker’s place, with Boo Chi they discuss on how now the Joye Agency recruits new agents and thinking it’s time finally for Moo Young to sneak in to the palace as one of the recruited agent. They know they can’t defeat the General using strength and decides to use his own intelligence agency to outsmart him. They plan to get the list of all warlords who stand on the other side from the General’s, so later when they fight him they will have a decent back up from those warlords.

In the market, the eldest legitimate son of the Yeon Family, Yeon Nam Saeng strolls away enjoying himself. In a planned action, Boo Chi steals his pocket money and Moo Young pretends to catch him and get the pocket money back. Moo Young returns the money to Yeon Nam Saeng and acting all ignorant, knows very well it intrigues more for Nam Saeng. Their plan works, now they get Nam Saeng’s attention.


At the palace gate, Choong and the General going back home from a long war. Years pass by, and now Choong looks way more guarded, jaded, cold and seasoned, pretty much worth to be called as General Yeon’s eldest son.

The boring King Jang disguises himself as one of servant and serves tea to the nobels, he’s getting crazier by the time gone, all stressed out. In the meeting the prime minister is called for the prolong war which causes people to suffer but he refuses to accept that as his failure. However, as the man of honest and truth, Choong openly says that there’s a price for the prime minister to pay for the failure, causing everyone to raise their eyebrows. No one dares to oppose the prime minister before that. Choong says the Joye Agency failed to provide the information needed in the war which resulting in very long war and suffer the people. He ends with how the prime minister and Joye Agency should responsible for those causes.

Everyone agrees that the Joye Agency director should be dismiss from the post and King Jang proposes Choong as the new intelligence agency director. Yet, because he annoyed with how Choong dares to point him with his incompetence, Prime Minister Yeon chooses to put Nam Saeng as the director and Choong only as the deputy director. Choong simply sighs, and says nothing when his father angrily glaring at him.

Outside the throne room, General Yeon asks Choong why he holds his father as the responsible one for the war. He says because of Choong’s honesty his authority fell to the ground but Choong remains unshaken saying that he only speaks his mind. Though the General naturally mad with Choong’s plain honesty, he smiles proudly. That his son dares to speak the truth and the right instead of dumbly obeying anything he says.

The next morning Moo Young stands in line for the recruiting of the Joye Agency new agents, and smartly avoid any further conversation about him. At home she already rehearses any info she needs to play her role as the son of Lord Daeja by remembering all facts she gathers about him with Boo Chi and the umbrella maker. Everything goes smoothly for her until Choong appears at the agency.

Before Choong steps into the registration room he’s welcomed with flowers given by Mo Seol, a daughter from one of General Yeon’s allies. It seems that Mo Seol likes him though Choong blatantly ignores her teases.


Then Choong heads to the room where Moo Young is in, and at the time he shares the same air Moo Young breathes, he senses her. He turns around, and his eyes widened looking at a dead ringer of his long gone lover.

Choong freezes at first and after he gains his consciousness, he immediately asks for the new recruitment  identity. He checks Moo Young’s administrative letters, tosses them away and like a tense male animal smelling the scent of his female mate, he circles her. He’s so bothered with the striking similarity of this petite soldier with the deceased Princess So Hee, he even draws his sword and put it on Moo Young’s neck.


Choong demands her to tell him who she really is, until Yeon Nam Saeng pops out into the room and coolly wraps his arms around Moo Young’s shoulders. Nam Saeng tells his agitated brother that the new guy is his friend. A statement Choong just can’t accept so easy.



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  1. It’s not your fault, but the subtitles you’re basing this off of (Dramafever) are very off. There was no “chancellor” position, when Dramafever says “chancellor,” the right term is actually “prime minister” or “chief minister.” Similarly, Yeon Gaesomun’s new position isn’t that of a prime minister, since his new position was made so he could have more authority than the prime minister. In Korean, the term is “dae mangniji,” but you could also insert “generalissimo.” Also, Yeon Jung-ro was the name of the former prime minister that was killed, Dramafever has been incorrectly calling his brother Jung-ro when his name is actually Yeon Jung-mo.

    Again, not your fault. It just sucks that Dramafever’s seriously bad subbing practices are misleading a lot of people.

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