The Blade And Petal Episode 6 Summary

The drama flashes back a little to show when Choong wrote the Hanja character for Yeon at the inn. In his mind he promises to Moo Young, “Though I can’t come to you now, without fail, we will meet again. I sincerely hope that you come here so you can know that I’m alive.”

Moo Young does comes to the inn just because she still misses him so much, and now she’s positive that her beloved is alive. Thanks to the Hanja. She remembers Choong’s friend Jin Gu during the archery show and thinks that probably Jin Gu knows Choong whereabouts. She goes meet Jin Gu and disappointed when he totally perplexed of why she still thinks that Choong is alive while everybody saw he was hung to death.


Moo Young goes back to General Yeon’s home, now certain that his son’s death was faked. While she’s standing outside thinking of how she can get the answer of the mystery behind Choong’s faked death, two of the Geumhwadan members sees her and takes her with them to their secret station. They’re waiting for Shi Woo to get out of the house.

Shi Woo tries to escape without getting noticed from General Yeon’s guards, but his wet shoeprints leaves visible trails of him. The Geumhwadan are so worried over Shi Woo which makes Leader So gets takes Boo-Chi to go look for him.

General Yeon and his guards are all now wants to catch the person who dares to sneak into the house since his footprints can’t be ignored. Shi Woo hides pretty well by clinging to the bottom of an overhanging roof. Luckily to him a servant tells General Yeon how he spilled some water, hence the footprints. General Yeon caution makes him checking the servant’s story by examining his boots, which then confirmed are wet too. Back on the roof, Leader So grabs Shi Woo’s hand to catch him from falling. Together they leave General Yeon’s home and go back to their headquarters.


Thanks to Shi Woo’s reports, now The Geumhwadan able to tell the king everything about General Yeon’s rebellion plan. They discuss seriously on the options to ruin the rebellion. First, they can attack the General Yeon but it can lead to a civil war. The second, they can send him to The Wall before the crown prince ceremony but risk revealing that now they know his plan.

The last option is, to just pretend like they don’t know anything but actually the palace guards and all the king source are ready to attack and catch General Yeon’s people in the act. By this way General Yeon’s betrayal can be openly exposed at the ceremony, giving the king all the reason he needs to execute the General and his disloyal followers.


The king approves to the third option, “We must kill the traitors at all costs.” Moo Young is troubled though, because she knows that the Yeon family will be destroyed after the ceremony including Choong. She can’t let that happen. She meets her cousin tries to make him speak about the truth of Choong’s death, but he keeps up with his story: “I saw it with my own eyes. He died.” Jang continues by asking her to let Choong go in peace.

When Choong meets his father, all he needs to say is “changing the world” and Choong immediately realizes that his father plans to revolt. The General believes that betrayal is suited best with the king and his supporters who talk about peace while in reality Tang is just ready to attack Goguryeo.

Choong argues that it’s not enough to excuse killing the king and his descendants. The General  encourages Choong to express his opinion, and he replies him that he thinks his father’s plan is a coward’s one. His father disagrees by saying the king is the wrong one, and only by having the right king they can save Goguryeo and reinforce its power.

“There must be a different way,” Choong says. “Do you know that the princess treated me, a low life, without any prejudice? She gave me the courage that even I, who once was a slave, could live doing something valuable. Moreover, even though she knew that she was betraying the king, she put her own life on the line to save me. How can I betray such a princess? As long as I breathe, it will never happen.”


He adds, “I will not forgive anyone who will try to harm the princess.” General Yeon asks if that means he willing to cut off his father’s head then, but Choong doesn’t want to betray him either—so he offers his head instead. If the General Yeon wants to carry on with the plan, he’ll have to kill Choong first.

General Yeon sneers at his determination, and slowly stands to peels a back of the canvas from one of his ancestral portraits. The real portrait emerges from the peeled outer canvas reveals that it’s the portrait of Choong’s mother. That actually it’s her face the General spends so much time staring at for hours.


It’s a huge shock to Choong knowing that his father actually keeps his mother’s portrait all this time. Since he was a kid no matter that his mother insists that his father was a good man, he didn’t believe it. He thought his father heartlessly abandoned his mother and him, just because of their low status as slaves.  so that portrait is quite mind blowing for him.

General Yeon: “The royal family tried to kill you. No, they did kill you. What I’m about to do will revive you.” He says that if the royal family were let to live the way they are, then Choong would have to live the rest of his life in hiding.

Nevertheless Choong’s resolve remains unshaken, just because his father kept his mother’s portrait it doesn’t mean he can persuade him, “I can live in hiding for the rest of my life. I can even live in imprisonment. I’ll live as if I were dead. However, no one can harm the princess.”

His father shakes his head at his steadfastness before he tells Choong that he won’t be able to step foot outside until this is all over. He locks him in the chamber.


Attempting to contact  Choong, Moo Young goes to the inn and writes a message to him that he should leave the capital immediately. She wants him away when the king wiped out the Yeon family.

Leader So tells the Geumhwadan they’ll come the palace secretly that night to be prepared for the next day’s ceremony. In the mean time, the king briefs Jang about the upcoming rebellion threat later at the ceremony, but the king also notice how quiet and distant Moo Young appears s throughout the discussion. The king warns her to behave as usual to avoid suspicion, because the palace would be in chaos if they knew a rebellion was about to come.

More importantly, the king doesn’t want the prince to know. Moo Young visits her brother to check his well–being, and appreciates her concern even though he knows how she must be in pain and hurt at heart at the loss of Choong. It’s not only his brother that Moo Young worries, she also keeps worrying whether Choong saw her message.

Just like Moo Young concerns about his safety, Choong does the same way. He stares at his mother’s portrait that night and made his mind. Regardless of how his mother’s wish was to see him join the Yeon family, a wish he also used to nurture once, he won’t materialize it. “I can’t obey my father the way he is now,” Choong thinks. “I must protect the princess. Please forgive this foolish son.”

Ceremony day. Jang prepares his men for the rebellion while General Yeon comes to the chamber where Choong is locked. He then instructs the guards to let the door open for Choong out, but he mentions once again that a true member of the Yeon family wouldn’t reject the fate of the family. Basically, what Dad does, Son must follows.

While General Yeon’s small army heads for the ceremony as planned, Choong walks to the open door and fights a few soldiers to find out which gate his father’s army plans to infiltrate the palace.


Then he goes out to meet his friend Jin Gu to seek for help, his friend is still very sad over his death, and so surprised when he sees that his dead hyung is alive.


The crown prince decides to practice with his horse before the ceremony, but the poison attacks  his horse sooner than General Yeon’s so that he falls off during the practice not the ceremony. The prince injury is pretty bad but the king insists that everything has to be carried on in orders before General Yeon’s side recognize that the king knows their rebellion plan.


The dead horse pretty much telling that there’s a spy in the palace, Boo Chi from the Geumhwadan agrees to exam the horse to find the cause of death, later the poison reveals it only stored in the palace as medicine herbs and the only person who can access it is the palace doctor.

General Yeon’s first group of assassins is blocked already from entering, confirming that the rebellion is about to erupt. Choong uses Jin Gu to find the secret passageway Moo Young used  to sneak into the prison which only means it’s also goes through the palace gates. He beats a few soldier before disguising himself as one of them.



The palace doctor is arrested immediately while General Yeon’s people leads the army to the north gate, where they plan to scale the wall. Shi Woo, along with Young-hae and Seol-young, prepare for the fight back on the other side. The general himself and his supporters now enter through the front gate carrying their family banners with their swords hidden in the pole.

General Yeon’s soldiers begin to scale the north gate, but suddenly a masked soldier leaps from above to cut their ropes. They all fall to the ground, and Choong reveals his face to the commander of the soldiers to tell him that he’s the one who responsible for that.



The Geumhwadan see the masked soldier and report the king that General Yeon’s soldiers failed to scale the north gate because of a palace guard’s sudden intervention.

Moo Young somehow guesses that it’s Choong, and when the king asks how a palace guard can counter such a secret attack, Leader So replies that it looks like there are more people know about today’s plan. With all the recent development, Leader So advises the king to cancel the ceremony, an idea the king strongly opposes because all he needs is to catch General Yeon rebellion in action. But the fact is, neither group of rebellion army made it into the palace, so they don’t have the evidence they need.

Their only hope is that General Yeon and his men will be caught with swords hidden in the flagpoles, but it doesn’t sound promising too. Not to mention there’s no guarantee that the captured palace doctor will confess that he’s part of General Yeon’s scheme. Briefly, Leader So says they don’t have enough evidence and that if the king attacks General Yeon without it, everything will backfire on him.


General Yeon and his people are so ready to draw their swords from their flagpoles when somehow the soldiers at the gate begin to inspect their flagpoles too. It’s just so in time that Jang arrives to announce that the ceremony has been delayed.

General Yeon’s people grumble about the rebellion’s failure, and his guard whispers to him that Choong was responsible for the north gate failure. The upset General orders that his son to be captured ASAP.

Moo Young hears how whoever saved the north gate sneak in through the secret passageway, disguises as a palace guard, and is possibly still inside the palace because of the tightened security. She has to remain calmly because she knows for sure, it must be Choong. She moves anxiously in her room expecting and worrying for Choong, when all of a sudden a man stands behind her as his hand gently closes her mouth to stop her from screaming. “Princess,” he calls her.


She turns around from the man’s arms, only to find it’s really Choong standing in front of her.


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