The Blade And Petal Episode 12 Summary

Choong puts his sword right onto Moo Young’s throat demanding her to answer who she really is. When Moo Young hardens herself and about to answer his question, Yeon Nam Saeng enters the room and announces that Moo Young who now disguises as a man as his friend.

Refuses to accept Nam Saeng’s answer just like that, Choong asks one of the agents to bring an agent from Daeja to confirm Moo Young’s identity. When he sees Moo Young, the Daeja agent tells Choong that he only knows Lord Daeja’s eldest son, however he says that Moo Young indeed looks like Lord Daeja himself. Moo Young takes a relief breath when Choong gives up and leaves the room.

Back at the umbrella maker’s place Boo Chi is worried when he hears Choong is the assistant director at the agency. He reminds Moo Young how it’s more like a tiger’s den the agency is with both Nam Saeng and Choong there. Nam Saeng is already hard enough, but Choong’s presence even poses a greater threat for Moo Young’s plan. Despite Boo Chi’s warning, Moo Young still believes she can carry out their plan and persist to continue. Just like Moo Young worries, Choong sends a spy to Daeja with a task to verify whether Moo Young’s document is true. He repeats his favor to his agent that everything must be done secretly.


Later in Joye Agency, Nam Saeng holds a meeting with the agents about a new group of people who seems to demand for a revolution. Choong is there too and immediately we know that both of  General Yeon’s sons seem not able to be getting along so well, not only from personal aspect but also in the way they do their job. While Choong chooses to approach a case through a methodical work, Nam Saeng prefers much quicker and destructive solution.

Their first clash pops out when they deal with the demanding for revolution group. Choong agrees to Nam Saeng’s idea of gathering the whole group in one place so then they can get them all at once. But whereas Choong just uses his sword to threat the group leader to answer his questions, Nam Saeng instantly killing some the members of the group, escalating a plain threat into a dead one.


The scared-to-death group leader then gives up and willing to answer all the questions, makes Nam Saeng grins like a psycho killer and after instructing his agents to bring the poor man to the prison, he puts an order to slay every member of the group there. Choong interrupts his order mid way, and instead order to just bring them into prison reminding Nam Saeng that it’s the agency policy to bring the hostages to be questioned. On the way back to Joye with their prisoners, one of the agent tells Moo Young about an underground prison for rebels in Joye.

That night Moo Young is hesitant at first to share the same room with her male roommate, but of course she has to sleep with him in that room to avoid more suspicion. When they’re about the sleep, her roommate who also happens to be Choong’s right hand man, asks her curiously on why their assistant director seems to be very agitated with Moo Young. Instead of answering his question, Moo Young asks about what kind of man General Yeon Choong is. Her roommate answers with how their boss used to be a martial art street performer, and he becomes who he is now coz of his superior Dad, the Generalissimo Yeon Gae Somun. However the young agent says that’s only what looks on the surface and refuses to tell more. Turning himself to the other side of his bed, he just falls asleep.

At Nam Saeng’s place, guests filling up his living room for attending his birthday party. Though they look like they enjoy the dinner, they feel a bit sad knowing no one seems attending the King’s birthday party. Especially since in the reality, those people come just because they want to favor Nam Saeng. They talk about the upcoming Tang delegation and Nam Saeng announce the matter will be decided by themselves there in his living room because he’s representing his dad as the prime minister and no assembly needed for that.

Meanwhile Moo Young gets her first task as the new recruit, to get the night password from the king himself, something she doesn’t wanna do coz the king might just recognize her immediately. She’s a bit surprised though, when her colleague tell her about king’s ill-tempered. From what she knows about her cousin, there’s no way he will running around naked at night in the palace.

In the throne room King Jang – which then in history known as King Bojang – gets drunk alone. No one appear for his birthday dinner party, but Prime Minister Yeon. Bitterly laughing, he welcomes the General who tells him about the next exchanging ambassador with Tang. The king basically replies since the prime minister already gives decision with anything, why bothers reporting him. The General leaves him and walks away deeply in thought so he doesn’t notice agent Moo Young who stands right in front of him.

Meanwhile just when the General disappears from the room, the King goes mad, flipping all the table and the dishes to the ground. He only stops when his personal guard calms him just when Moo Young comes into his sight. She tells the king that she’s there to receive the night password while keeping her head down, worries that the king might aware of her. What she worries proven right, the king asks her to look up and shows her face. After staring at her for a while, the King whispers the password. “Gu Bi Woon”, meaning a very sad person or a terrible fate.


The next morning Ohn Sa Mun receives a bad news, he’s dismissed as the chancellor because his distant relatives are involved in a rebellion. They find this fact after interrogating the captives whose captured when Choong and Nam Saeng work together for the first time. Knowing that the dismissing will stir a dissatisfaction in Ohn’s mind, the king starts building his plan to utilize the conflicts among General’s Yeon followers for his benefit.

At General’s Yeon place, Nam Saeng asks his father about who he considers as the next chancellor. Without any hesitation he promotes himself for the position, telling the General how as the main line of the Yeon Family he needs to prepare to inherit his father position. With an unmoving face his father notifies that though he is the main line of the family, but the eldest is Yeon Choong.

This can be said as a form of acknowledgement from the General to Choong’s leadership quality since we all know how the General doesn’t give a damn about bloodline. He’s pretty much used to oppose the idea of the former king wish to install his crown prince because he thinks the prince at that time was too weak to be the next king. That he prefers Choong to inherit his position is so telling Nam Saeng to whom his father fond of now.

As Nam Saeng leaves his dad’s place Choong arrives too, looks all mighty and capable as he always be. They exchange bow politely, but Nam Saeng gets back in and stays in the corridor when he hears what his dad plans for Choong. Their father wants Choong to be as powerful as he is without relying on the General name anymore. He gives Choong a book contained with list of potentially powerful rebels which now captured in prison, within 10 days Choong has to be able to find which of the rebel can give him the most power to be used and pull anyone who wants to his side.


That night a gathering is held to welcome the new recruits of Joye, and once again Nam Saeng shows his resentment towards Choong in public. He’s still mad at the manifest their father gives to Choong but Choong keeps quiet, rejecting his provocation even when Nam Saeng brings up Choong legitimate status as General Yeon’s eldest son. Fired up by his own provocation, Nam Saeng uses Choong staff’s mistake to get his step brother stand in an arena for a duel.

Of course having a sword fight with a general who went fighting in front line for the last three years and used to demonstrate his martial art skill in streets just to earn living is too much for Nam Saeng. With one very strong blow, Choong beats him and in a flat tone tells him he still needs to do something outside.


When Choong and Nam Saeng are having their duel, Moo Young secretly leaves the arena and goes back to the office, she wants to sneak into the director’s office. She able to find what she looks though, the list of the rebels hold in Joye prison and that’s when she hears there’s somebody outside. It’s Choong actually, and when he’s about to step his foot to the room he already senses that the room is infiltrated. He walks into the room then grabs Moo Young who’s hiding behind a bookshelf on her collar, and slams her to a desk near them.

Choong gets very surprised when he finds out that the person he slams is the person he’s very suspicious about. Perhaps he also senses that it’s actually a girl hides in a guy’s clothes, he uses his masculinity to intimidate her. With such intimate pose, he asks Moo Young again about who she really is and what she was doing there. Moo Young reasoning that she left her pass there and when she’s cornered with Choong’s questions, Mo Seol comes in and saves her.


After the confrontation with Choong, Moo Young doesn’t want to waste any time and goes ahead to the prison to meet Leader So. At the same time, Choong also decides to visit the Geumhwadan leader that night. Leader So is so thankful seeing the princess is still alive, but before they can talk further, Choong comes to the prison. He tries to persuade Leader So to give up and stands by his side, when the leader asks him whether Choong has forgiven himself about the princess, Choong lies and tells him he doesn’t even remember her face anymore. Outside the palace Boo Chi receive the letter Moo Young sends secretly, so now he knows that Leader So is still alive. Unlucky for Moo Young, when she gets back to her room her roommate actually still awake and knows she’s wandering outside the whole night.


Moo Young practices with the other agents the next morning when King Bojang comes and visits . Choong comes too and raises his eyebrows when he notices the king’s presence. Suddenly the king asks him a question, what will Choong do if the princess comes back alive? Will he stands for the princess and betray his father once again? Choong answers the question by saying how the princess is already dead and that he has no plan to betray his father for someone who is dead.

Moo Young is called to the palace to see the king, and Choong accepts a surprising news. Moo Young is not the son of Lord Daeja, and King Bojang knows that agent Moo Young is actually Princess So Hee.



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