The Blade And Petal Episode 17 Summary

Moo Young wakes up with the feeling that she’s been staring by Choong, and of course she’s right. However she can’t spoil herself with the luxury of being together with him just the two alone at last, because they so have many things to do in the list. First, reminding Choong that his mother is waiting for him in a remote temple Moo Young often visits nearby. She tells him that it’s a safe place, and urges him to go there soon while he can.

However there are two questions she desperately wants him to answer, which is, why oh why despite him knows that Geumhwadan would trick and make him the hostage, but he still brought her back to them. Then the second is, why Choong keeps her real identity a secret from everyone in the agency including his father.


Choong is about to answer when So Sa Bun suddenly enters the hut, obviously worries that Moo Young might release the special hostage. He comes in time, but Moo Young orders him to let Choong go, an order So Sa Bun disobey at once. He reminds the princess that Joye also captures some Geumhwadan members, and they will need Choong as their bargaining tool.

At Joye Nam Saeng works hard to convince Daddy dearest that Choong betrays him. He endlessly twists anything Choong did as his betrayal acts, but when General Yeon finally mentions what possibly the reason Choong covers Moo Young’s real identity as Princess So Hee, Mo Seol gasps behind him. Though she really surprises that Moo Young is actually the princess they’re looking for, but she informs the General there’s no way Choong supports Moo Young’s acts as the rebel leader. Mo Seol reports how Choong has exclusively instructed her to watch Moo Young, he is aware that the princess is their enemy.


General Yeon visits Jang at the palace to tell him that he knows not only the princess is alive but she also secretly has met Jang. Knows there’s no way for him to lie, Jang decides to tell the truth but also makes up a lie, he lets her come close just because he wants to persuade her to stop with all her revenge scheme. All the General does after listens to him just to remind the coward king that he becomes the king just because the General tells him so, and he is still alive also because the General still wants him alive. Tears roll down from the coward king’s eyes, tears of fright and helplessness.

It’s a good sign that Papa Yeon doesn’t take anything his tantrum pretty son said as an absolute truth, since he privately asks Instructor Jang whether it’s true Choong betrays him once again. The instructor immediately explains that Choong doesn’t try to save the princess, but instead he tries to save his mother since Geumhwadan has her as hostage. The instructor tries to convince Yeon that Choong will never betray him again, but Yeon clearly doubts it. He knows how his son still loves the fugitive princess.


Nam Saeng fumes when he finds out that all his badmouthing effort for his brother doesn’t work at all. Not only Dad doesn’t put any order to punish Choong if he returns, but the General also gives the temporary vacant chief seat to the instructor, basically Nam Saeng doesn’t even move a bit from where he stands. He expresses his anger by emotionally tortures then kills the Geumhwadan members they have.

Meanwhile back in Geumhwadan base Choong endlessly tries to get their attention, he wants them to escape immediately with the princess. He knows with Joye intelligence they might have located the base, and now is on their way to catch them all. They report what Choong said to the princess and discuss whether to run or simply ignores him. That’s when for the first time ever Moo Young heard how three years ago Choong has helped her to escape by betraying his father.

Shocked with what she heard, Moo Young confirms it with Choong. Her eyes fill with tears as she hears Choong says how he wanted, and thought, that he could save her from the doom that time. She has been so wrong about him all this time, thinking that he was there to kill her. Without hesitation she unties him, sets him free. Yet, Choong reminds her to run away soon from their base as Joye might just few steps behind them now. He wishes her safety, a sincere wish, and she knows.


Moo Young helps Choong walk for a while until he is pretty steady to move on his own, and she tells him how actually Nam Saeng also knows the fact that she is a girl. She warns him that Nam Saeng might plan something with the knowledge. They separate then, because Moo Young still has to escape and Choong must meet his mother.

Choong finds the temple and as Moo Young said, meets his mother there. They hug and have chat afterwards, with Mom blaming herself how she lets her beloved son growing up alone. She says she purposely chooses to leave the secular world so Yeon and Choong, the people she loves the most, can pursue their big dreams. She thinks that as a slave, her low social status will be an endangered burden for them. I love how Choong answers, that her existence is neither weakness nor danger for him.


His mother then asks Choong to thankful to Moo Young. She says how Moo Young has convinced her to stay and meet him, though at first she thought to just leave without meeting her son at all. But as Moo Young said, it feels so great to meet her son at last. Choong is touched upon hearing this, and since he thinks the place seems to be safe, he asks his mother to just stay around so he can visit her often.

Choong returns to Joye with an unwelcoming remark from Nam Saeng. He keeps rubbing him how Choong is able to return alive from a rebellion base, and openly declares that he is suspicious that Choong might work together with Geumhwadan. Before the two gets into a fight, Instructor Jang reminds Choong to meet his father.

Dad asks Choong whether Mum is ok. When Choong replies if somehow he wants to meet her, the General says knowing she is alright is enough for him. Later he explicitly shows that he doubts Choong, when it comes to his relationship with Princess So Hee. But Choong assures him, that now for Choong the princess is merely a leader of rebels.

Mo Seol who now feels threatened with the existence of Princess So Hee, Choong’s undying old flame, persuade her father to arrange a marriage between her and Choong. She convinces her dad that the marriage isn’t only good for her, but also will benefit for his political status as well. As the in-law of the prime minister, he will have the full support from the General.

A meeting among the General, Mo Seol’s dad and Choong is held. The General clearly support the arranged marriage since he himself suggested the idea to Choong. The General likes Mo Seol, and her background as the daughter of the wealthiest man in Goguryeo will provide Choong with great social status. For him she’s a perfect candidate wifey for his beloved son.

However it’s clear for Mo Seol’s dad that Choong isn’t really enthusiast with the idea. Choong immediately resists when topic of marriage is discussed, no matter how blunt a person is, there’s no way he doesn’t recognize how uninterested Choong with the idea of marrying his daughter. Especially when he also knows how Choong seems to hold any feeling toward the princess. But General wants his order to be obeyed, so Choong comforts Moo Young’s dad by saying he’ll marry his daughter as soon the time is right.

So the next day Choong and Mo Seol has a weird date, which actually it’s a cover-up duty with them both disguise as a couple. They need to locate the next Geumhwadan base but Mo Seol wants it to be a real date. It’s almost hilarious looking at how Choong just want to be anywhere but there with Mo Seol, but she insists to enjoy their date no matter how reluctantly the guy looks. She tells Choong that she is confident enough to win his heart and gets him to marry her willingly.


Later separately at Joye and the Geumhwadan base, they both discuss about whether to change or not to change the date to attack the prime minister.  Both sides know they pretty familiar with each other moves so what matters is who is the most prepared one. Tae Pyung reports that a large number of troops have come to the capital city, he says that they possibly General Yang Moon’s private soldiers, and the one who permits them to move is the king. He knows now that the king allies with General Yang to put down the prime minister.

While Choong meets his dad to plan about their move, Moo Young meets the king for her move too. She wants Jang to cooperate and provide a distraction so she can approach the General close enough without getting noticed. While they discuss, Moo Young finds out that Jang still want to preserve the throne as his. He doesn’t have any plan to let her go back to the throne, but since the killing of the General is more important than their disagreement Moo Young lets it slide. She leaves him with a big question though, even as king, Jang practically has no one to follow him. Nobody believes him enough, as a leader.

Choong recommends his father that with the current state, the safest place to him is the palace. No one dares to attack him in the palace, especially since the rebel is the one who supports the palace. He also warns his father to arm himself wherever he goes.
Choong calls Tae Pyung then, informs him that he needs to be away for a bit. Forever loyal, he offers to accompany the boss. It reveals that Choong visits the temple where he asks his mother to stay, and coincidentally Moo Young also goes there at the same time. She visits the temple to pray and asks for strength from her father, and when she finishes praying she sees Choong’s mother outside the temple.


They chat for while, with Choong’s mother tells Moo Young how her son will visit her occasionally. And right about time, Choong appears. Choong informs her that he purposely comes for her. Slowly and sad, almost like he begs, he asks Moo Young to stop. He says he knows all her plan, and there’s no way Geumhwadan can defeat the mighty Joye and the prime minister. He adds how he hopes he never sees her again because he knows when they do, the only alternate they have is one or both of them die in the battle.

Of course that doesn’t stop Moo Young, so that night both Moo Young and Choong prepare their men to battle. They encourage their soldiers in inspiring but different ways, although it’s pretty contrast to compare Choong’s well trained guys with the rag-tag team Moo Young has. So from Moo Young’s side their plan is she will attack General Yeon herself in the palace, while the other top Geumhwadan assassin will kill the Generals and Ministers from Yeon’s side.


So the help Moo Young asks from Jang is to make Yeon comes to Jang’s throne room alone. Jang makes reason to get Yeon drinks wine with him, a polite request Yeon can’t refuse since the king himself invites him. Before he leaves he catches a glimpse of his swords and Choong’s words flashes to his mind, “Arm yourself wherever you go.” However, maybe Yeon thinks the king won’t dare to do anything to him so he leaves his swords, and goes to king’s quarter unarmed.

Choong and all top agents including Nam Saeng and Instructor Jang are ready in the prime minister’s house, but since no sight that Geumhwadan or Yang’s troops to attack Choong starts getting alarmed. Meanwhile General Yeon arrives in king’s room and they start to have their wine date. It seems that the General likes the wine so much because he seems can’t stop drink it, while the king just rants and rants. The General really has no idea that Moo Young is in position, right behind the throne the king sits with her sword in her hands.

Just then, the wine cup slips from the General’s hand. He’s poisoned, and now he knows. The next sight he sees is how Moo Young emerges from her hiding place, and she approaches him now with her sword. The General is totally stoned, and powerless.

Moo Young: “I come to end all this and reclaim my father’s honor!”

With that sentence she stabs her sword into General’s Yeon body. The General tries to hold the sword by grabbing its blade with his own hand, and asks what she will gain after killing him. She replies that it has nothing to do with the General, then she pulls the sword out of his body. She swings the sword, ready to behead him. Only a sword blocks hers, it’s Choong’s.



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