The Blade And Petal Episode 13 Summary

The agent Choong sent to Daeja reports him that though Moo Young isn’t the real son of Lord Daeja, he’s soon to be adopted as the son of the lord himself. Choong seems to be more restless after hearing this news because he wants so much that Moo Young is NOT Moo Young. Somehow the Geumhwadan able to convince the lord to lie on behalf of them to back up Moo Young’s fake identity.

At the same time King Jang catches Moo Young’s lie by telling her that no matter she tries to disguise, he’ll recognize her easily with the fact that they grew up together. He asks her in such a rhetorical way whether she comes to kill him. Just before she answers the question, King’s personal guard puts his sword to Moo Young’s throat anticipating a sudden bold movement from her.


Moo Young smirks before she mocks Jang how he betrayed them all and ending up just to be a puppet king. Jang tries to defend himself from her accusation but she replies that he must be feeling guilty if he’s making excuses. Knowing for sure what to do next, Moo Young offers a partnership to Jang to work together and defeat General Yeon.

While they still converse General Yeon arrives, causes Moo Young tries to sneak out of the room before she gets noticed by the General. I don’t know why, maybe Jang just bored to death or whatsoever, but he holds Moo Young there by insisting that she has to stay to hear the night password. In such a sneaky tone, Jang tells General Yeon that he dreams the princess comes back alive to take revenge on him and General Yeon. General Yeon laughs with the idea, even if the princess were alive, what could the girl do? Moo Young gets agitated when she hears this and promises to herself that she’ll make them pay for the crimes they’ve committed against Goguryeo.

However once she comes out of the room Choong is already there waiting for her. She’s a bit surprised but still doesn’t suspect anything until she hears Choong instructs his men to bring out the prisoner. Choong carefully tries to catch any reaction from her, but Moo Young hides her surprise very well and shows nothing to him. Almost like he disappoints but still manages to put another effort, Choong strives for the last attempt, ordering Moo Young to kill Leader So by shooting an arrow to him. It has to be done as soon as Leader So runs to the gate which has opened for him.

Moo Young tries to refuse this command but Choong draws a sword toward her asking why she lies about her identity to him. In a low voice weighed with anger and anxiety, Choong commands Leader So to run and how Moo Young has to shoot him down. Choong is so desperate to find the truth about her and he’s willing to prove it in  one way or the other, so he sets this trap to see if she’s the princess he suspects.


Anyhow a spear flies and hits Leader So’s back, makes him falls to the ground and missed from the arrow. The spear is thrown by a training instructor for the Joye Agents, who then reminds their assistant director that traitors shouldn’t die while running, instead they should be beheaded on their knees. Then he asks permission to leave the scene and orders Moo Young to follow him while taking the prisoner back to the prison.

Before she leaves, Moo Young bows to Choong and says that she won’t disappoint him. When she walks away, Choong hisses through his gritted teeth, “Disappoint me? Do you even know why I’m disappointed?”

Moo Young grumbles about Choong’s temper with the instructor who to her surprise objecting at her complaint and instead telling her clearly that an order from a high officer like Choong has to be obeyed. He says that while Moo Young joins the intelligence agency because of his ambition, Choong comes to Joye because he wants to become more powerful. The information confuses Moo Young since she knows Choong is one of the best swordsmen around the country. She then asks why Choong desire the power, and we hear the instructor patiently explains, “So he wouldn’t lose his loved ones ever again.”

Choong still stands alone in the yard with Moo Young’s hairpin, remembering how the princess gave it to him and also how it was come again to him after her “death.” He’s now convinced that Moo Young isn’t the princess because he really has the heart to shoot Leader So and he’s so disappointed in himself for even thinking she was alive. “The princess is dead,” he tells to himself himself, “I killed her.” Then he throws the hairpin away as unable to bear the sad fact.


In the practice room Moo Young trains hard with the other new recruits, not far from them Nam Saeng watching her with a smile on his lips. Nam Saeng’s right hand man tells him how he thinks Moo Young can’t be a good agent because Moo Young is still unable to kill anyone. Nam Saeng agrees, but only to say that Moo Young has to be more than good. He wants Moo Young to be his right hand man and urges the agent to take Moo Young with him for their upcoming mission, capturing a weapon smuggler.

So Moo Young and two other agents visit a gisaeng house for their mission, but what they don’t know is that the gisaeng who serves them is actually a Geumhwadan member and she signals Moo Young to follow her secretly. In the back room of the house, the umbrella maker, his daughter and Boo Chi are waiting for her. They just share tiny bits of info they can gain at the moment, and Moo Young finally back to see her agent friends.

Then they spot the weapon smuggler and as soon as Moo young catches him, they bring him to the Joye Agency to question him. Nam Saeng is the one who does the interrogation and starts it by casually slapping the smuggler. During the interrogation Nam Saeng asks Moo Young to go drinking with him like getting her into a casual date, and gradually the slapping becomes harder which makes some of the agents turn away their faces because of the cruelty.

His torture somehow cuts his own hand, and Nam Saeng grows more furious and hits the smuggler even harder until Choong arrives at the scene. Coldly he stops the beating by nonchalantly sits in front of the smuggler and look at him in the eyes. He asks him in such a flat deceiving tone whether the smuggler has parents, children or person he loves. Because if he has, then Choong won’t kill him for not saying anything to them. Choong will just find his family and all his loved ones and kill them all right in front of him. Moo Young seems a bit shaken to see how Choong turns out much colder than he was used to be now.


Moo Young tells Choong that the smuggler confessed everything but not to whom he sells the weapons. Choong is ready to interrogate him more when Moo Young tells him that the smuggler has died. Choong gets tense with the info because all he wants is that the smuggler to confess, they may torture him but not to kill him. Moo Young replies back with his own words about capturing the smuggler’s family and kill them, as if she’s expressing her objection of the way Choong intends to get information he wants. He reasons that sometimes they need to kill few so they can save more.

In the prison Mo Seol gets an explanation from the agency doctor that the smuggler will just die not from the torture they gave but from the lung disease he has, Leader So hears this explanation too from his cell. It turns out that the smuggler is an agent planted by the Geunhawadan as a bait for the Joye Agency. At Joye Agency, Tae Pyung, Choong’s trusted man reports him that he finds nothing unusual about Moo Young. Despite that, he tells Choong how Nam Saeng seems to favor Moo Young. Choong still watches Moo Young then.

In a practice room, the training instructor watches the agents sparring to each other when Choong comes to visit. They then agree to have a friendly duel which they do in front of the other agents. Nam Saeng watches the duel with a gloomy face seeing how his brother seems to be very capable and highly respected as an officer and as a warrior in the eyes of all the agents.

In the other room Mo Seol teaches the new recruits about how female spies in Baekje and Shilla use their make up to send messages. Somehow she picks Moo Young as the model to demonstrate the kind of make up used, and starts putting the cosmetics on Moo Young’s face. When she looks at her she’s a bit surprised seeing how pretty Moo Young becomes, as the other agents agree too. Moo Young immediately rubs the make up off her face, cautious that somebody will notice her disguise.

She’s too late. Choong watches the demonstration silently from the stairs with so much pain in his face, something Mo Seol seems to notice. He walks out to the yard and takes back the hairpin he threw out before. He looks in misery when images of Moo Young in makeup flash through his mind. He seems to be convinced now that Moo Young is the princess he always loves, and that he knows why she so insists to maintain her disguise as a man.


King Jang and Moo Young now become allies to throw away their common enemy, General Yeon, and discuss what way best to do that. Moo Young says her plan is to isolate General Yeon from his supporters, dividing them so they later clash into each other fighting over power. Nam Saeng’s greed is also great to be used as another tool for their plan.

At Yeon’s resident, the Yeon family plays Baduk with Mo Seol also joins the game and chit chat with them. Nam Saeng asks his father about the chancellor position and suggests that Mo Seol’s father will be a good candidate, and they discuss the personality of the ministers they can think for the position one by one.

Suddenly the General interrupts the conversation to ask if his dearest eldest son is using his ten days well. Choong states that he found no one from the list, because he can’t even use Leader So. He resists too long, and if he gives up now Choong can’t trust or use him.


Nam Saeng says that was Choong did too several years ago, Choong went up against their father but then changed his mind. Choong replies that’s exactly why his father doesn’t trust him and that he can’t get rid of him either. The General utters, “I don’t trust anyone. If you want to follow in my footsteps, don’t try to gain my trust. Overcome me instead.”

It now seems that everybody tries to whether persuade or buy the other. Nam Saeng gets bribed from Mo Seol’s dad, and King Jang approaches other minister to gain allies. It’s no big surprise that at the court meeting the next morning, Nam Saeng gets nominated by most of the ministers to be the chancellor.

This new development surprises General Yeon, while Nam Saeng looks very satisfied and proud with himself. But Nam Saeng looks upset because instead of accepting the recommendations from the ministers he has bribed and electing him as the new chancellor, his father suggests all the ministers to take more time to think about it. And that’s the time when one of Yeon’s supporter who seems to also eyeing the chancellor position suggest to  that they destroy the late king monument and build a new monument to honour General Yeon’s achievements. Jang seems to be astonished with the idea but he agrees to it anyhow and even suggests to hold a big ceremony the day the monument is finished.

The Geumhwadan and Moo Young plans something huge to do at the ceremony day and we see later one of the Geumhwadan female member who uses her Gisaeng disguise for her daily appearance, Dal Gi, meets with the man who suggests the building of the Yeon’s monument privately.

It’s Monument Ceremony Day, and because Nam Saeng persistently take effort to gain Dad’s favour he dismiss Choong’s authority as the chief of security by taking over the charge. Nam Saeng is the one who arrange the security and control the intelligence agency members for that day. He tasks Choong to do unimportant mission, something Choong flatly informed him those kinds of missions are hold-up for today’s ceremony. Nam Saeng also surprisingly tasks Moo Young to hold responsible for the prime minister’s security.

As cautious as ever, Choong observes a suspiciously huge pile of dirt and examines it, the pile was actually created because Geumhwadan dug an underground tunnel right below the monument. Choong locates the entrance and very bothered with the findings so he goes back to their post and starts to direct the agents into their position.

Nam Saeng is so mad seeing it and yells to his much bigger and commanding brother how he dares to disobey direct order from him. At the end it’s clear who between them both the agents listen and respect more when Nam Saeng sees how all of them hurriedly follow Choong’s orders and leave him alone in the post.


The king and all the ministers are seated on the stage, ready for the ceremony. It’s so lucky that though General Yeon asks Moo Young a question, he still don’t recognizes her. Outside the ceremony site, Choong with few of his men search for any suspicious person or action, that pile of dirt really rings a warning alarm for him.

Then it’s time for the ceremony to start, and after a brief speech of flattering General Yeon they start to pull the cover of the monument. Everybody is shocked when a corpse of the minister who suggest the building of the monument is tied to it, a painting of the bamboo flower which is the Geumhwadan’s symbol attached to his dead body. With the symbol, there is also a written message says, “Yeon Gae Somun murdered the king.”


The crowd panic, a hidden rope is pulled by the hiding well Geumhwadan members causes the monument falls flat to the ground. Moo Young hides a tiny smile, and Choong goes straight into field general’s mode, controlling the chaos.


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